The Hastings College academic program is innovative, creative and student-focused—giving you the ability to choose your own path and follow your own interests instead of a prescribed, mandatory curriculum.

With an average class size of 13 students and dedicated professors whose sole focus is supporting you and stimulating your intellectual curiosity, you’ll find the Hastings experience unlike any other college or university in the region.

A Major + Minor + Exploration

At Hastings you’ll choose a major and a minor (or second major), plus complete the Exploration and Foundation.

The major gives you the expertise and depth you need, while the minor give you additional breadth and understanding for a successful career and life. 

The Foundation includes first-year critical thinking, communication and college life courses, plus the included travel course. It’s the base you build upon for a successful college career! Exploration lets you choose courses in interest areas across campus, providing you the breadth you need to navigate a career. But if you’re undecided, it’s a way to help discover your passion, too.

If you’re unsure of your major, you’re not alone. Our first-year program, which includes CliftonStrengths, is perfect for helping you discover your path — and our Personalized Program lets you customize your experience even more.

We’ve found successful graduates are mentally flexible, excellent communicators, creative thinkers and able to solve problems—and the Hastings curriculum is designed to help you excel in all these areas.

HC Curriculum 22

Our Majors & Pre-Professional Tracks

Note: Pre-Professional Tracks may cross multiple disciplines to set you up perfectly for the post-Hastings College advanced or technical degree you seek.

Our Minors

Advanced Manufacturing Design Technology
Art History


Communication Studies
Computer Science
Construction Technology

Drafting and Design Technology

Electrical Technology
Energy Technology
Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management


Hospitality Management and Culinary Arts
Human Resource Management

Information Technology & Systems

Media Arts (allows specialization in broadcasting, graphic arts, photography and video production)

Music Performance
Musical Theatre

Political Science
Precision Agriculture
Psychology & Sociology


Science – General
Sports Media
Strength and Conditioning


Welding Technology

Certificate Programs

In addition to our majors and minors, Hastings College offers two certificate programs. If you complete one of both of these programs, you’ll have the designation marked on your transcript.

Service Learning Certificate

The Service Learning certificate requires 18-20 credits of courses that have been designated in the college catalog as service learning. It reflects a core ethos of Hastings College—service to others and critical thinking and problem solving.

Diversity Certificate

The Diversity certificate requires 18-20 credits of courses that have been designated in the college catalog as Diversity. It reflects Hastings College’s commitment to understanding diverse global and domestic communities.