The Hastings College academic program is innovative, creative and student-focused—giving you the ability to choose your own path and follow your own interests instead of a prescribed, mandatory curriculum.

With an average class size of 13 students and dedicated professors whose sole focus is supporting you and stimulating your intellectual curiosity, you’ll find the Hastings experience unlike any other college or university in the region.

A Major + Two

At Hastings you’ll choose a major, a minor (or second major) and an IDEA minor. An IDEA—an Interdisciplinary Emphasis Area—is a collection of courses crafted by faculty that allow you to hone in on an interest area or something you’re passionate about. If you’re unsure of your major, you’re not alone. Our first-year program is perfect for helping you discover your path — and our Personalized Program lets you customize your experience even more.

The major gives you the expertise and depth you need, while the minor and IDEA give you additional breadth and understanding for a successful career and life. 

We’ve found successful graduates are mentally flexible, excellent communicators, creative thinkers and able to solve problems—and the Hastings curriculum is designed to help you excel in all these areas.

The CORE includes first-year critical thinking, communication and college life courses, the third year study abroad course.

CORE Diagram

Our Majors & Pre-Professional Tracks

Note: Pre-Professional Tracks may cross multiple disciplines to set you up perfectly for the post-Hastings College advanced or technical degree you seek.

Our Minors

Advanced Manufacturing Design Technology
Art History


Communication Studies
Computer Science
Construction Technology

Drafting and Design Technology

Electrical Technology
Energy Technology
Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management


Hospitality Management and Culinary Arts
Human Resource Management

Information Technology & Systems

Media Arts (allows specialization in broadcasting, graphic arts, photography and video production)

Music Performance
Musical Theatre

Political Science
Precision Agriculture
Psychology & Sociology


Science – General
Sports Media
Strength and Conditioning


Welding Technology

IDEA Minors

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Citizenship & Community

Citizenship & Community

Part of our mission is to help students “thrive as citizens of their local and global communities.” Citizenship is two-pronged: first become informed and aware of the world around you, and then use that knowledge to become engaged with the world and create positive change within your local communities

Being & Knowing

Being & Knowing

Spirituality is your relationship to self, others, the environment and power(s) beyond self. Our Presbyterian heritage and Liberal Arts history suggest that it’s important to explore the deepest values and meanings that guide our personal and world views. This IDEA allows you to explore diverse dimensions of spirituality and ways of knowing..

Creativity & Innovation

Creativity & Innovation

Failure is inherent within all great successes. We honor the creative spirit through the risk-taking, scrutiny and debate necessary for modern-day problem solving. Through fostering the creation of new ideas, actions and products, we reshape our understanding of the world and add value to our society and culture. You’ll establish the ability to approach challenges and questions—large and small—with resilience.

Sports & Society

Sports & Society

Sports shape not only how individuals think of themselves, but how they interact within societies. By using our sports-saturated culture as an ethical lens, you’ll interrogate the impact of sports culture and practice a more sophisticated stance on issues of sports in society.

Culture, Structure & Power

Culture, Structure & Power

Hastings College is committed to civil candor—we communicate directly knowing that in seeking truth we seek a shared good. Within this commitment is an acknowledgment of the myriad ways in which we are different and the ways in which power dynamics can exacerbate this difference. Only through cultural competence, open and honest dialogue and connection to others can we understand and share in the radical hospitality that is integral to Hastings College.

Technology & Curiosity

Technology & Curiosity

Scientific discoveries and technological innovations spark human curiosity and creativity when they enter the public consciousness. Limitations disappear when we incorporate a creative spirit into the way we work, create, think and live our lives.

Health & Well Being

Health & Well Being

In order to practice the care of all things, you must first learn to care for yourself. In this IDEA you’ll cultivate wellness by becoming aware of and making choices towards a healthy and fulfilling life.

Built & Natural Environments

Built & Natural Environments

Hastings College is dedicated to the care of all things. By investigating the natural world, the wonders that humans have built and how the two are interconnected, you’ll learn to make ethical choices with integrity—and consider the larger impacts of the decisions you make.

Certificate Programs

In addition to our majors and minors, Hastings College offers two certificate programs. If you complete one of both of these programs, you’ll have the designation marked on your transcript.

Service Learning Certificate

The Service Learning certificate requires 18-20 credits of courses that have been designated in the college catalog as service learning. It reflects a core ethos of Hastings College—service to others and critical thinking and problem solving.

Diversity Certificate

The Diversity certificate requires 18-20 credits of courses that have been designated in the college catalog as Diversity. It reflects Hastings College’s commitment to understanding diverse global and domestic communities.