The Ringland Society is a group of alumni and friends who have earned special recognition for their contributions to the Hastings College Foundation.

Those in the Ringland Society have done one of the following:

  • Made Hastings College a beneficiary in their estate.
  • Created a permanent endowment fund.
  • Entered into an irrevocable life income charitable gift.

We can help you understand the wide array of financial strategies and custom-tailored gift arrangements that can benefit you, your family and the College, now and for years to come.

All Hastings College students receive some sort of financial aid, thanks in part to Hastings College Ringland Society members. 

Join hundreds of others who have left a legacy at Hastings College by including Hastings College in your estate plan. Then, let us know of your plans so we can ensure the college fulfills your wishes. Complete the form below or contact Mike Karloff at or 402.461.7473.

The William F. Ringland Society was created to recognize the many contributions of the first president of Hastings College.