We Bring the Action

You’ll make lifelong friends at Hastings College! We’re a vibrant community where you can play in the band, help feed the hungry, participate in student government, serve as a peer mentor, compete on an athletic or intramural team, go to free movie night with friends, check out a theatre show, view art in the gallery and cheer on your fellow Broncos. There’s always something to do!

Sing. Play. Dance. Lead. Speak. March. Ride. Act. Serve. Say “yes” and join in!

In addition to more than 40 student groups, organizations and other ways to get involved, Hastings College gives you more ways to develop the leadership and teamwork skills that will help you in your future career — athletics, music, intramurals, speech, theatre, art and volunteer activities are all ways to build a circle of friends, grow your skills and find success. 

Visit Student Activities to learn more about how to get involved — or even how to start your own group.