The Hastings College Mission

Formed through exceptional teaching, deliberate mentoring, welcoming and participatory community, Hastings College sends forth creative, curious, caring students who thrive as citizens and leaders of their local and global communities.

Hastings College Core Values

We believe in:

Acceptance & Belonging – We value and respect all individuals.

Active Engagement – We encourage and empower engagement in curricular and co-curricular activities and events.

Innovation & Information – We develop and implement innovative, data-informed, and research-driven initiatives and solutions to ensure an exceptional college experience for all.

Liberal Arts Learning – We believe strongly in the liberal arts education, which allows our students to intellectually explore and discover. With an educational foundation that is broad and inclusive, our graduates are equipped to handle opportunities and challenges in all areas of their lives.

Service and Support – We are committed to support, serve, and become active and engaged members of our communities.

Spirituality & Well-Being – We value our Presbyterian heritage and believe in the importance of spiritual well-being, but we also respect the freedom to explore a diversity of spiritual beliefs.

Hastings College History and Purpose

Since its founding by Presbyterians 140 years ago, Hastings College has built a vibrant community of scholars who think critically, serve faithfully, and exceed expectations in their personal and professional lives. With curricula and experiences that have increasingly expanded its reach beyond campus and into wider communities, Hastings is a college on the Plains but of the world.

As Hastings looks to its future, and builds on its foundational pillars of Learning, Faith, Service, and Performance, the College remains committed to a residential, faith-based, together-learning liberal arts education that prepares students for a life of meaning and purpose.