The Hastings College Spirit Shop and Bookstore has a wide variety of t-shirts, hats, hoodies, tumblers, jackets, backpacks and gift items! It’s your one-stop shop for Hastings College and Bronco gear and educational products.

You can also visit the  Spirit Shop in person at Perkins Library during regular business hours and at special sites during homecoming! Find 

Check out  all our apparel and other options at our online store.



What about textbooks?

At Hastings College, students don’t need to make separate purchases for textbooks — all required books are included with tuition!

Textbooks are delivered via a partnership with Akademos, Inc., and powered by TextbookX. At the start of each qualifying term (the fall and spring semesters), students will receive either the digital or physical (printed) textbooks they need in order to succeed!

How does it work?

Faculty select the course materials they want to use and submit it through an online bookstore portal at while the bookstore sources the items in physical and digital formats.

Once students are registered for the upcoming term, the online bookstore compiles the materials and delivers physical textbooks to campus while digital course materials are delivered to a student’s account, ensuring each student is ready for class on the first day.

Students — To review a master list of your course materials, visit and log in with your Hastings College email account to see a personalized page with the courses that you registered for and the course materials that will be provided to you.

You do not need to take any actions to ensure materials are delivered. The bookstore will know what materials you need and deliver physical items to campus. Digital materials are either made available in your account or access codes to publisher websites will be emailed to you.

The bookstore will continually check for new enrollments in classes up until the add/drop date of the term, so any new materials that are needed if you add a class will continue to be processed. To check the delivery status, visit your bookstore account and click on “Track.” If you drop a class and have a physical book, you’ll receive an email on how to return it. Digital books will simply not be available after you drop.