About 1,000 students come to Hastings College from 31 U.S. states and 26 countries around the world. The student body is about 50 percent male and 50 percent female, and they participate in numerous and varied activities across campus, including intramural sports , clubs, leadership groups, musical ensembles and theatre. Some students join one of our nine fraternities or sororities, and others represent the school by playing on one or more of our 24 intercollegiate athletics teams.

Hastings students are also curious, and they pursue their interests by exploring the world abroad and applying for financial support for independent projects through several research and travel grants available to current students.

Most importantly, Hastings students are happy with their college choice—happier, even, than a national comparison group in the following areas considered “most important” by students according to a recent student satisfaction survey:

  • Excellent instruction in my major
  • Academic adviser is approachable
  • Major’s course content is valuable
  • Academic adviser is knowledgeable about major’s requirements
  • Faculty is knowledgeable in their fields
  • Quality instruction
  • Campus experience is enjoyable
  • Class registration is easy
  • Tuition is a worthwhile investment
  • Academic adviser cares about my success