College isn’t just about lectures and book learning. It’s about exploration. Discovering what drives you—and what doesn’t.

At Hastings College, there’s more than one way to get a great education. We make sure there are multiple opportunities for you to interact with your academic life and engage with what you’re learning — even to the point of letting you chart your own course of study in the Personalized Program where you can pursue the topics that interest you most.

Engage in service learning projects and tackling the issues of hunger, homelessness, the environment, educational needs and extreme poverty head-on. Multiple initiatives at Hastings make it happen.

Most importantly, we make sure you leave with a complete education and a passion for lifelong learning. Our academic allows you to choose a major field of study, a minor and an interdisciplinary minor that enriches every part of you, broadens your perspective and prepares you to live life well. You’ll get the necessary skills to enter the job market as a top, competitive candidate while preparing for the twists and turns of today’s careers.

Our Honors Program, which provides more freedom to choose courses you want and create a challenging and individualized program of study.

When it comes to your future, take action. It’s the Hastings way.