The Service and Community Engagement learning community is the ideal place for students who seek to serve their community in their professional lives or who desire to make a significant impact through their volunteer work. Students accepted into the program will also receive a scholarship from Hastings College.

Participating in the Service and Community Engagement learning community gives you the opportunity to explore and engage with community leaders working to eradicate poverty, address issues of racism, serve under-funded schools, eliminate food deserts in our area and the dozens of other ways caring individuals can make a difference.

Service and Community of Engagement students will:

  • Attend a yearly retreat paid for by the Hastings College Service Learning Department
  • Volunteer with a community organization or lead community engagement opportunities (approximately 20 hours per semester)
  • Be invited to serve on nonprofit boards in the Hastings area that align with their interests
  • Assist with planning and attend at least two spring break service trips (for free) during their years at Hastings College

Members of the learning community will also meet monthly with the director of service learning for reflection on the opportunity to create and organize other opportunities for the Hastings College community.

Receive a Scholarship

Service and Community Engagement scholarships are available for incoming, first year students! This “plus one” scholarship is in addition to your academic scholarship that’s automatically awarded by Hastings College.

How to Apply

To be accepted into the community and to receive a Service and Community Engagement scholarship, you must apply to Hastings College and meet necessary admissions requirements, and complete the Service and Community Engagement application, linked below.

Note that the Service and Community Engagement application requires requires you to provide:

  • A list of volunteer efforts or community service you’ve participated in as a high school student.
  • A 400 word narrative about the impact of volunteerism in your own life or a link to a video of you sharing that story.


Reach out to Rev. Doodle Harris, chaplain and director of service learning, at, or contact your admissions counselor.