Hastings College students have tremendous opportunities to conduct research, in a lab, across town and around the world thanks to support from the Excelsior Scholars Program and Student Development Fund.

Our focus on undergraduate education means you don’t have to fight for lab time with graduate students — and our faculty are full professors who give you their full attention. They love to teach and are there to encourage you every step of the way.

Many students present research at conferences in Nebraska, regionally and across the country, as well as during special events on campus.

One such event is Academic Showcase, a day off from class when you’ll have an opportunity to hear student research presentations , you’ll be able to choose from dozens of presentations in an incredibly diverse array of subjects.

Hastings College has a Committee for Human Subjects Research (CHSR), which reviews all research conducted by faculty and students that involves human subjects or participants (our policy). The committee also works with outside groups who need approval for research grants, which can lead to additional opportunities for Hastings students. Questions? Email chsr@hastings.edu. (Also find CHSR Resources on OurHC.)

Hastings students are bright, curious and creative. Their research is one way to express just that.