Hastings College is celebrating excellence on Tuesday, April 30, 2019, with Academic Showcase and Honors Convocation — a day-long event recognizing high achievement by students and faculty.

During Academic Showcase, students, faculty, staff, parents and community members enjoy and learn from student presentations.

All activities are open to the public, and time is available to ask questions. Classes are cancelled on Tuesday, April 30, so all students have the opportunity to join in.

Abstracts: All Academic Showcase abstracts are available in this .pdf.

See the full schedule below.

Abbreviated Schedule

Monday, April 29, 2019
7-9pm — Travel & Experiential Learning Presentations 

Tuesday, April 30, 2019
9am-3:15pm – Academic Showcase Presentations 
3:30pm – Honors Convocation (chapel)

Schedule of Events

Monday, April 29 — Travel and Experiential Learning Presentations


HSU Room C — Emily Herbek: The Essence of Ireland: What It Means to be Irish


HSU Room A/B — Rachel Schmalz:  Kennedy in Galway, Ireland

HSU Room C — Anthony Frias: Food and Quebec Culture


HSU Room A/B — Cole Fisher: Great Day Gurus

HSU Room C — Jessica Trad: Environmentalism in Ireland and the United States

Tuesday, April 24 – Celebration of Excellence Day (Academic Showcase and Honors Convocation)


Morrison-Reeves 219 — Alli Kennon: “Victim” or “Survivor?”: Navigating Self-Concept in the Wake of Sexual Violence

Wilson Auditorium — Marc Sisson: The Connection between Career Politicians and Term Limits in State Legislatures

HSU Room C — Zane Eddy: Tourism in the USA

Morrison-Reeves 131 — Robin Pearson: Treating Biopsychosocial Aspects of Student Anxiety Disorders


Morrison-Reeves 219 — Rebecca Riley:The European Union’s Impact on Secession

Wilson Auditorium — Madeline Downie: The Sasquatch Discourse

HSU Room C — Nathan Navratil: Anti-Discrimination Policy: The Symbolic Power of Words

Morrison-Reeves 131 — Austin Heinlein: Ghosts, Folklore, and Tradition, Japan’s national education


Morrison-Reeves 219 — Elizabeth HansenUsing Oral Histories to Identify Diversity in a Community and Build Bridges across Cultures

Wilson Auditorium — Celeste Borg: Burnout in Young Adults: A Biopsychosocial Analysis

HSU Room C — Jadah Morrison, Melissa Loney: 525600 minutes too late?: An in-text analysis of ‘RENT’

Morrison-Reeves 131 — Rachel Schmalz: Was America Ready for a Black President? Exploring the Impact of the Obama Presidency on the 2016 Election


JDAC — Dany Cook: Boosting Up the Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium’s Social Media

Wilson Auditorium — Carly Cremers and Timothy Ellis: The Meaning Behind the Mashups – The Process of Creating a One Act Musical

JDAC — Jake Arnett: Glassblowing Demonstration

JDAC — 3D Lab Demonstrations

1:00-1:45pm in HSU — Academic Excellence on Display (poster session)
  • Sarah Johnson: Probiotic E. coli as Contamination Control Surrogates for Pathogenic E. coli
  • Bryce Byrn and Jaden Ostrander: College Students Nutrition
  • Avery Sears: Make It or Break It: Habits
  • Nicole Mundy and Kelbie Lyon: Pain Pills Kill
  • Nolan Wandersee: Obesity in the Alaska Native population
  • Mandi Hawthorne: From the Heartland to the Emerald Isle: Human Trafficking in the Modern World
  • Sophia Pankratz: Utility of Neutrophil-To-Lymphocyte Ratio as a Predictor for Low Bone Density
  • Emily Grant: Alignment of teacher knowledge and teacher practices in active-learning biology classrooms
  • Jada Daiss: How does one Avida mutation affect another?
  • Jenna Jaeger: Analysis of Honey for Heavy Metals Using AAS
  • Megan Kaiser: Metagenomics and Its Role in Bovine Respiratory Disease
  • Dany Cook and Marc Sisson: Roommate Disclosure
  • Samantha Burke: Open Door Policies within Forensics and Beyond
  • Cory Liesch, Kaishon McGuire and Tahj Willingham: Whole Body Cryotherapy’s effect on metabolic rate
  • Austin Nelson and Nate Miller: The Efficacy of Cupping Therapy and Voodoo Floss on Post-Activity Recovery
  • Casey Krolikowski: Efficacy of Various Resting Metabolic Rate Tests to Determine Nutritional Recommendations


Morrison-Reeves 219 — Lyndsay Ruane: Black Holes. Blazars. Battlestar Galactica.

Wilson Auditorium — Walker Hermann: Effective Organizational Change Implementation

HSU Room C — Jordan Ismael: Personal Life and its Influence in Art, How my Work Responds to Narrative

Morrison-Reeves 131 — Carly Spotts-Falzone, Alli Kennon: Shrinking, Unsafe Spaces: the Endangered Lives of Women Journalists


Morrison-Reeves 219 — Greer Anderson: “You Can’t Pick Your Family”: How Birth Order Affects Self-Concept

Wilson Auditorium — Andie Paschal: Gender and Images of the Divine

Morrison-Reeves 131 — Joe Jahn: IceCube South Pole Neutrino Observatory Flasher Documentation


French Memorial Chapel — Honors Convocation

Academic Showcase Day is organized and sponsored by Alpha Chi.