The Many Ways to Fund Your Education

We don’t want anything to stand in the way of you getting a Hastings College education, which is why we ensure there are many ways to help you pay for it, including scholarships, grants and loans.

We even offer aid based on the type of student you are, such as a first-year student (below), transfer student or 22+ learner. You may also be able to earn money throughout through the many work-study opportunities on campus.


These are awarded based on academic merit, a specific talent or any number of other qualifications. Scholarships, of course, do not need to be repaid — and many are renewable if you remain in good standing.

Hastings College offers the following scholarships:

In addition to the renewable Academic Awards, all students are eligible for a “plus one” scholarship, which includes leadership or talent awards.

Grants »

A financial aid award for deserving students based on certain criteria, this funding, like a scholarship, does not have to be repaid. There are several types of grants available, including needs-based, legacy and federal.

Loans »

Loans are available for many students and their parents and can be an important component of completing an education. Of course this type of aid does need to be repaid upon graduation, and the amount you are eligible to receive is based on information from your FAFSA and takes into consideration any scholarship and grant aid you also qualify for. In your award letter from Hastings College, you’ll be notified what loans you are eligible to receive.

Types of loans available include federal and private loans, with some federal loans being subsidized while you are in school.

Veterans Benefits »

Hastings College welcomes veterans to our campus! All of our undergraduate programs are approved for students admitted to Hastings College and eligible for a GI Bill. To learn more click here.

Outside Scholarships

Many Hastings College students qualify for scholarships that are from entities outside of the federal or state governments or Hastings College. Primary sources include (but are not limited to): a student’s high school, local business, churches, charitable foundations, etc. These scholarships are sometimes renewable. We encourage our students to seek out additional scholarship opportunities.

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