Hastings College academic scholarships are awarded based on your high school grade point average. Since you provide this information on your admissions application, there’s no separate form fill out — we’ll automatically award the scholarship you’re eligible for!

General Academic Awards

Simple. Affordable.

It’s never been easier to estimate your Hastings College academic scholarship. All we need is your high school grade point average. That’s it. No formulas. No ACT or SAT test scores. Just your GPA.

Scholarship Name GPA Scholarship
Crimson 4.0 and above $18,000
Ambassador 3.75-3.999 $16,000
Ringland 3.20-3.749 $14,000
Pro Rege 2.65-3.199 $12,000
Student Success <2.64 $10,000
Samuel Alexander Scholarship (Department Scholarship)

If you’re a student who shows ability, potential and passion in an academic area, you may be eligible for a Samuel Alexander Academic Scholarship. These scholarships range upward from $2,000 and are awarded to students who choose not to receive a Talent (Plus One) Scholarship (athletic, music, theatre, art, speech/forensics and media scholarships).

International Student Grant

Because international students are valuable contributors to the Hastings College community, once admitted international students are automatically eligible for a $15,000 (US) International Student Grant. Find more details on our international students page.

ACT/SAT test codes

If you do take an ACT or SAT test and would like to send us your scores, just include the Hastings College code on the test form. We appreciate the information, but it is not required and will not impact your academic scholarship.

  • ACT code – the Hastings College school code is 2456
  • SAT code – the Hastings College school code is 6270