Hastings College Board of Trustees

The mission of the Board of Trustees is to lift Hastings College to an even higher level of excellence and service. Through their counsel, prudent management and commitment to the principles of shared governance, the Trustees have guided Hastings College to its current stature as a highly-respected private college.

The Board of Trustees constitutes the legal governing body of Hastings College and the final authority for all policies in connection with students, faculty, organization and finances. The Board has the following responsibilities:

  • The Board serves as the policy-making body of the institution in several major areas of leadership.
  • As legal custodians of all financial resources of the college, the Board initiates and approves procedures for increasing the institution’s financial standing, authorizes investments including endowments and gifts, approves budget appropriations as prepared by administrative officers of the college, makes expenditure appropriations, and recommends improvement of the physical plant. The Board counsels with the President to determine college costs and fees.
  • The Trustees exercise their direct control over the institution through the President, the college’s chief executive officer, who serves as the Board’s advisor and who is charged with responsibility to carry out the overall program of the college in accordance with stipulated policies and procedures. The President of the college is required, in accordance with the by-laws of the institution, to keep the Trustees informed regarding basic aspects of the college program.

Board Officers

  • Ann (Zook) Martin ’77, chair
  • John DeBoer ’68, vice chair
  • Vincent Cook ’80, secretary

Members of our Board

Our Honorary Trustees

Clayton Anderson ’81
League City, Texas, 2009-2015

Timothy J. Boyd
Hastings, Neb., 1994-2006

David Burkholder
Cozad, Neb., 1995-2013

Lyle Fleharty
Hastings, Neb., 1995-1997; 2000-2015

Bruce Gulliver
Portland, Ore., 1997-2021

Frederick H. Hawkins, Jr. ’72
Omaha, Neb., 1990-2008

Charles R. Hermes ’65
Hastings, Neb., 1976-2003

Calvin Johnson
Hastings, Neb., 1987-2020

Robert E. Julian
Omaha, Neb., 1992-2007

Michael Moody ’66
Upland, Cal., 2010-2022

William Nottage-Tacey ’72
Hastings, Neb., 1999-2012; 2013-2015


Tom W. Osborne ’59
Lincoln, Neb., 2007-2010

Judith A. Owen 
Omaha, Neb., 1995-2004

Anne T. Pratt
Omaha, Neb., 2010-2012

Charles L. Stone, Jr.
Brooksville, Me., 1974-1981

James L. Thom ’82
Hastings, Neb., 2000-2012  

Robert Unger
Denver, Colo., 2007-2022

Doug Usher ’65
Scotts Valley, Calif., 1991-2014

Gretchen K. Vondrak
Omaha, Neb., 1997-2012

Phillip Werner Jr.
Hastings, Neb., 2003-2015

Gordon Whitten, Jr. ’93
Omaha, Neb., 2009-2014

James M. Wilkins
Denver, Colo., 1986-2004