The Scott Scholars Program at Hastings College is designed to help develop the next generation of leaders for Nebraska and beyond. The program targets high achieving students pursuing studies in business, science and entrepreneurial-related disciplines, who are passionate about exploring their development and potential inside and outside of the classroom.

The program, funded by the Suzanne and Walter Scott Foundation, allows seven incoming students each year to receive a renewable scholarship that covers 100 percent of tuition, fees and room and board — plus a $2,000 travel stipend to help cover costs to attend a conference, fund a research project or support an internship.

Individualized Approach

The Scott Scholars program is both a collaborative and personalized experience specially designed to fit each your academic pursuits, passions and desires. The sky is the limit as you’re actively involved in planning your own program.

Scholars enjoy the opportunity to network, travel and enroll in classes and experiences exclusive to this program. This allows you to gain a wide variety of experiences that are tailored to your interests as well as encounter opportunities that are not readily available to others.

Leadership Development

Scholars are actively involved in campus and the community to grow and gain vital leadership skills necessary for their future. You’ll have the opportunity to meet with leaders throughout Nebraska and beyond to learn about leadership, leadership styles and to develop and strengthen your own leadership skills.

Networking and Resources

As a Scott Scholar, you’ll make purposeful connections with the Suzanne and Walter Scott Foundation and the Hastings College network of professionals, leaders and alumni. These are individuals with wide ranging positions in businesses, communities and organizations. From CEOs and entrepreneurs to the doers and makers who make a difference, you’ll meet and interact with them all.

Student-led Programming and Career Development

As a Scott Scholar, you’ll get first pick in coursework related to your potential career field, as well as exclusive courses and experiences developed for Scott Scholars.

You’ll engage in intentional programmatic and academic major advising to ensure career and further education readiness in your field of choice.

Additionally, you’ll be actively involved in planning a program specific to your career and as using your yearly $2,000 travel stipend to enhance your knowledge and development as a leader in your field.

All Expenses Paid Education

Along with no-cost study abroad opportunity during your junior year, Scott Scholars also have opportunities to travel throughout Nebraska and the nation!

And of course — the most exciting benefit! Scott Scholars receive a four-year renewable scholarship that covers 100 percent of tuition, fees and room and board — plus the $2,000 travel stipend annually to help cover costs to attend a conference, fund a research project or support an internship.

It’s an incredible opportunity!

Program Requirements

To be named a Scott Scholar, students must apply and be admitted to Hastings College — and qualify for a Crimson or Ambassador academic scholarship.

Students who meet those requirements are then invited to attend Bronco Scholars Day and participate in interviews and activities.

Bronco Scholars Day is scheduled annually in February. Find details here.


Contact Dave Rippe, Director of the Scott Scholars Program, at or 402.705.7283.

You can also reach out to your admissions counselor or the Hastings College Admissions Office or 402.461.7315.