Peer Umbrella Network, better known as P.U.N., are student peer educators at Hastings College who focus on promoting a positive campus community that reflects the attitudes, behaviors and values of a healthy lifestyle.

P.U.N.’s trained student outreach presenters and advocates give ongoing supervision in a specific health topic area. Training includes skills based training and additional specific topic training. The students of P.U.N. take part in creating, planning and implementing health awareness weeks/months and programs throughout the Hastings College community.

Everyone is welcome to join any of the P.U.N. groups. For more information stop by the Campus Heath Center. Groups meet weekly at the Stone Health Center. 

The P.U.N. Groups

SHAC (Student Health Advisory Council)
This group educates the campus community on a variety of physical and mental health-related issues. Some of the topics that SHAC addresses include educating the campus on healthy living (nutrition, sleep, and physical activity)  and mental wellness. They sponsor blood drives, and educate the campus on the breast cancer and testicular cancer and the importance of self exams.

Gay/Straight Alliance
The Alliance promotes and educates about safety, dignity, and respect for students of all sexual orientations, including gay, lesbian, straight bisexual, transgendered, questioning people, and their Allies. Alliance strives to create a welcoming, supportive atmosphere for all.

To provide accurate information about and prevention of HIV/AIDS and other STIs to the campus community. Phive-O is trained by the American Red Cross to dispel myths about HIV/AIDS and provide education on ways to reduce risk.