Hastings College provides one-on-one financial aid counseling to any student who has questions about their financial aid award, including but not limited to Title IV Federal aid programs, institutional scholarships and grants, as well as additional financial aid, such as private loans.

For answers to common financial aid questions see below.

  • How do I apply for financial aid?
    Our application for admissions is also our application for financial aid. In order to apply for Federal Financial Aid, students must complete the FAFSA. Log in to www.studentaid.gov, Hastings College’s school code is 002548.
  • I know I’m not going to qualify for federal need based aid. Do you still want me to file the FAFSA?
    Filing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) may enable you to receive additional non-need based federal aid or grants from Hastings College. Many factors affect the outcome of the FAFSA, such as the number of dependents in your family or the number of family members in college, so it is in your best interest to file the FAFSA.
  • Does out of state tuition apply?
    As a private college, Hastings College does not charge extra for out-of-state students.
  • Is there a deadline for completing the FAFSA?
    Yes, the sooner you file the FAFSA at studentaid.gov the better. While this application can be completed during the school year, funds may be limited thus having your FAFSA complete as soon as possible is recommended. Federal Aid cannot be completed after the student has left school or graduated. The application is free.
  • My family’s financial situation has changed significantly from last year. What can I do?
    You may request a review of your financial aid eligibility due to certain changes in circumstances not addressed on your original FAFSA. Contact Traci Boeve, Director of Financial Aid, at 402.461.7431.
  • What scholarships are available?
    Academic merit and talent scholarships are available. Also check our Financial Aid web page for additional applications for outside scholarships.
  • Where do I go to find out what loan servicer will be managing my loan repayment?
    The Department of Education website studentaid.gov.
  • Where can I complete my entrance counseling and master promissory note for my student loans?
    Log into the Department of Education website: studentaid.gov. Choose the column “Complete Aid Process” then choose “Complete Entrance Counseling” and also under “Complete a Master Promissory Note” choose “MPN for Undergraduates” Both must be completed for Federal Aid to be disbursed.
  • When do I complete a Parent PLUS Loan application?
    Parent PLUS Federal Loans can only be completed if a student has completed their FAFSA. Parents can apply for the PLUS loan after May 1 for the upcoming year. A new application has to be filed each year. Additional Information on applying for a Parent PLUS loan can be found here.
  • What are my payment options and when are fees due?
    Payment can be made in full with the fall semester payment being due August 1 and the spring semester being due January 1.Hastings College also offers a payment plan: this option offers five monthly payments per semester through our online payment provider. The first payment for the fall semester is due August 1 and the first payment for the spring semester is due January 1. There is a $35 fee per semester.
    Other options include:
      • Direct PLUS Loan – Parents are eligible to apply after May 1 for the Direct PLUS Loan to cover the cost of education minus other financial aid. If the parent is not approved for the loan the student becomes eligible for an additional unsubsidized loan. For application instructions go here.
      • Private Loan – Student or parents can apply for a private loan. Students will need a cosigner when applying for a private loan. Information can be found on our loans webpage or individuals can contact their personal bank or other private loan resources.
  • Will the college accept payment by a credit cards or debit cards?
    Yes, these payments can be made online at the College’s MyHC Self-Service portal. Additional fees may be applied by the electronic provider.
  • Where can I find information on college affordability as well as graduation rates, enrollment, retention, cohort default rate, etc?
    The College Affordability and Transparency Center website will allow you to find information on the cost of higher education. For Hastings College statistics such as enrollment, retention, cohort default rate and graduation rates visit College Navigator.

Contact the Financial Aid Office at hcfinaid@hastings.edu or call Courtney Luebben (students last name A-L) at 402.461.7391 or Donna Willnerd (students last name M-Z) at 402.461.7435.