Pro Rege Society graphic.

Pro Rege Society

Membership in the Pro Rege Society is the highest non-academic recognition Hastings College bestows. Criteria for selection may include, but is not limited to, extraordinary service to Hastings College, significant philanthropic contributions and/or unusual commitment to the College over an extended period of time.

2024 Pro Rege Ceremony

April 18, 2024
5:00 Social | 6:00 Dinner

Inductees will be honored with a ceremony at Lochland Country Club in Hastings. The ceremony will feature a musical tribute by the Hastings College Department of Music and Theatre.

A reception begins at 5:00 p.m., with the dinner and ceremony beginning at 6:00 p.m. Tickets are $125 each, or a table of eight is $950.

Inductees :

  • Hal Dittmer ’62
  • The Dinsdale Family
  • Dr. Jim Dugan 

In addition to attending the induction ceremony, individuals can honor inductees with a gift to an area that is special to them.

  • Dittmer’s focus is the Jack Osborne Track Complex project, with gifts supporting renovations to the outdoor track facility.
  • The Dinsdale Family’s focus is Jackson Dinsdale Art Center Murals, with gifts to this fund supporting the creation of painted murals by Hastings College faculty and students across campus.
  • Dugan’s focus is the Harry James Physics Scholarship, with gifts to this fund supporting scholarships awarded to physics majors who have excelled in the classroom, in honor of Harry R. James who taught physics at Hastings College for nearly 30 years.

Those selected are individuals who have “led by example, led principled lives and/or accomplished creative and innovative achievements favorable to Hastings College.”

Honorees are presented a Pro Rege medallion, which was designed by renowned sculptor George Lundeen ’71. Inscribed with the College’s official motto, “Pro Rege” and “Humanities, Arts, Sciences,” the medallion is similar in design to that which is worn by the College president at official functions. The President’s Medallion was designed in 1986 by Lundeen.

The Pro Rege Society was established in 1997. “Pro Rege” is a Latin phrase meaning “For the King.”

Members of the Pro Rege Society

John Bohmfalk
Sharon Behl Brooks ’74
Robert Unger
Industrial-Irrigation Services

Anne (Fairbanks) Bohlke*
Bruce Gulliver ’70
Five Points Bank

Gretchen Vondrak
The Noel Cover Foundation
MarySue (Hormel) Harris ’63*

Jack K. Kramer ’70
Dwayne S. Strasheim
The Sunderland Foundation

Tim Daugherty*
Lyle Fleharty
William Nottage-Tacey

George Lundeen ’71
Fredrick Mattes

Roger Doerr
Dennis Krienert
Gretchen H. Lainson ’37*

Cindy and Bobby* Gottsch
Dr. Ladd Cochrane ’58*
Pepsi Cola Bottling of Hastings

Thomas C. Jorgenson*
Dr. William Locke
Jo Ann Klemmer*

Dr. Phillip Dudley Jr.

Kenneth Rhodus
Peter Kiewit Sons’, Inc.

Charles Gardner
Fred Hawkins, Jr.

Clayton Anderson

Armstrong McDonald Foundation
Charles Hermes
John “Jack” Osborne*

Charles Evans*
Calvin Johnson
Dennis Storer

William Barrett*
Robert Foote*
Sarah Leer*
Darrel Lloyd*
James Walter, Sr.*

Leonard (Lynn) Farrell
Duane (Bear) Johnson
Robert Julian
Glenda Pauley*

Lloyd Jones*
Clyde Sachtleben
Leota Tyner
John Yost*

Wayne Goettsche
Lawrence James*
Grace Riley Leinart*
Doris Morhart*
Robert Schalock
Charles Uerling, Jr.*

Gilbert Adrian*
Elinore Barber*
Gerald Holcomb*
Jerrold Kerr*

Helen Barrett*
Robert Gray*
O.J. McDougal*
Thomas Osborne
Carl Throckmorton*
Richard Tickler*

Virginia Belknap*
Candace Lambie*
Donald Lambie*
Arthur Langvardt*
Kenneth Morrison*
Richard Spelts*
LeRoy Thom*

Anne Batchelder*
Robert Daugherty*
Thomas Reeves*
Walter Scott, Jr.*
Willis Strauss*

Thomas Creigh, Jr.*
Marvin Fink*
B. Keith Heuermann
Silas Kessler*
Harry (Hal) Lainson*
Betty Menke*
Irene Moerer*
Harrold (Hal) Shiffler*
D. Lloyd Wilson*

*Denotes deceased