Hastings College has a robust pre-law advising program — combining coursework that requires complex reading and deep analysis with small class size and personal attention — that will help prepare you for the LSAT and success in law school.

At Hastings, you’ll be given the opportunity to be mentored by our pre-law adviser, Dr. Bruce Batterson (MBA/JD), regardless of your major or majors. The pre-law program helps you choose the best curriculum to prepare you for law school while at the same time complete the majors and/or minors that most interest you.

Typically three to five students per graduating class at Hastings choose to go to law school.

Over the last five years, Hastings students have been accepted to 17 different law schools, including:

  • University of California Berkeley,
  • Georgetown University,
  • University of Alabama,
  • University of Colorado,
  • University of Denver,
  • Loyola University Chicago,
  • University of Nebraska,
  • University of Oregon,
  • Saint Louis University, 
  • Michigan State University, 
  • University of South Carolina, 
  • Lewis & Clark, 
  • City University of New York, 
  • Creighton University, 
  • Gonzaga University, 
  • Washburn University, Vermont and 
  • John Marshall. 

To be part of the pre-law advising program, there is no major or minor to declare, and there are no required classes. Guidance is provided through workshops, presentations, and multiple one-on-one meetings with the pre-law adviser. We also host forums that bring current law school deans and admissions personnel to campus for informational discussions.

Practice LSATs are administered free of charge and informal tutoring and study groups are fostered amongst the pre-law student body. When it comes time to apply, our faculty are happy to write letters of recommendation that give admissions committees an intimate picture of your strengths and talents, and will also work with you in crafting a great personal statement.

Interested in Pre-Law at Hastings College?

See for yourself how we tailor your education to your talents and your goals. Schedule a visit and we’ll demonstrate how Hastings will inspire you to reach your potential, or if you’re a high school senior, apply today.

Go further with a Hastings education

Thanks to our small class sizes (most have fewer than 20 students!), and a student-to-faculty ratio of 15:1, you’ll work closely with faculty and your advisor to complete your degree in four years. In fact, most students who graduate from Hastings do so in four years!

Our block-style semester structure means you’ll take just one or two classes at a time — which really lets you focus more intently on each class. It also lets faculty devote more time to every student because they’re only teaching one or two classes in a block!

All the extras aren't extra

Performance icon

Maximize scholarships — Yes, you’ll get an academic scholarship. But you’ll also get an additional “plus one” scholarship from the group, team or area you’re part of. It’s a great way to pay for school, but also find “your people.”

Icon of a book

Books included — Afraid of a $400 textbook? No more! We’ve eliminated the high cost of text books by working with our bookstore to provide all required textbooks. This will save you $1,000 or more each year.

Icon of an iPad and Pencil

iPad  + Apple Pencil — We’ll set you up with an iPad and Apple Pencil — and help you learn how to incorporate these tools into your studies. From digital notes to pictures of lab setups, you’ll discover creative ways to use this technology!