At Hastings College, you’ll have an opportunity to work in a studio with furnaces burning at 2,000 degrees! This is where you’ll discover how to create art from molten glass. It’s an incredible experience and one of the most popular series of classes on campus for students of any major who have an interest in trying something new.

Glassblowing studio at Hastings CollegeIn the glass program, you’ll experience many forms of glass: glassblowing, sand casting and kiln casting. These are just a few ways to create glass art. Working with others as a team, you’ll fire molten glass and create pieces that can be showcased to others.

The addition of the Jackson Dinsdale Art Center means you’ll have access to a state-of-the-art glass studio, a more spacious facility and modern everything, including computerized furnaces. These resources provide the space and materials you need to have a successful and exciting glass working experience.

Hastings College students have interned across the country, and you’ll find graduates who’ve worked with glass:

  • In graduate school in Canberra, Australia,
  • Owning studio Vella Vetro in New Orleans,
  • Owning studio Piece Unique in Denver,
  • Serving as director of a glass program at Penland School of Crafts in North Carolina,
  • Owning Weston Glass Studio in Kentucky,
  • Working at Blake Street Glass Studio in Denver and
  • Working at Starworks Studio in North Carolina.

Glassblowing can open your mind to a new art form through a team-building environment and offer a chance to enter the glass community.

Join the legacy of students who have studied the art of glass work at Hastings College!
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