Have a question? We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions (with answers!).

Academic FAQs

Your academic advisor can assist you with developing a plan for academic growth and success. They assist you with choosing classes, registering for them, and are available for academic guidance.

Your academic adviser will be assigned to you at class registration and they can be contacted by:

  • Sending them an email from your college account,
  • Calling them on the phone (extension directory can be found in OurHC) or
  • Visiting them during their office hours.

NOTE: as a general courtesy, if it’s after 9pm, please send an email instead of calling or texting.


The staff at Studio 200 in Hazelrigg Student Union and the Registrar’s Office at Hurley-McDonald are good places to start. You can also ask any faculty who are in your major for assistance.

Your course schedule and the locations of your classes can be found via Self-Service through OurHC. A campus map is at hastings.edu/maps.

You can only make changes to your schedule within in a scheduled time frame and all changes must be approved by your academic adviser. You may complete the request via the Office of the Registrar, or you can pick up an add/drop form at the Registrar’s Office in Hurley-McDonald. 

Complete and return the required form to the Office of the Registrar.

Stop by Studio 200 in Hazelrigg Student Union! It’s a beautiful place to study and a includes helpful team that’s ready to provide a wide range of services for all students:

  • Accommodations assistance and tutoring arrangements
  • Writing labs with one-on-one paper/presentation support

Please contact studio200@hastings.edu for more information.

Textbook requirements will be listed in your Canvas syllabus for each of your courses. 

Grades will be posted on Canvas (and are also available via OurHC).

For more information on studying abroad, including financial support and planning, click here.

All incoming first-year students and transfers will have schedules created for them by an Academic Advisor and then sent to you for approval. If changes need to be made, you can contact your advisor. All courses can be found in the self-service section of ourhc.hastings.edu.

Time and Money Management FAQs

Make sure to set goals and prioritize. Balancing your schedule can be tricky, but we have a team in Studio 200 to help – never be afraid to reach out for assistance.
Professors keep their class schedules running on time to the best of their ability, knowing that some students have one class directly after the other. If you’re finding it difficult to get from one class to the next within ten minutes, consider renting one of the Bronco Bikes for the school year. It’s always best to be open with your professors about any concerns you might have with getting to and from classes in a timely fashion.

Campus jobs are posted on a student job board in ADP. You can find a link from the Hastings College Career Services page.

Career Services is a wonderful resource for finding jobs on campus or around the community. Their office is located in the Daugherty Student Engagement Center.

You can make arrangements to pay for college tuition and fees at via Self Service.

If you have questions about billing, please visit the Student Accounts office in Hurley-McDonald, Monday through Friday, 8:00am-5:00pm. You can also email hcstudentaccounts@hastings.edu.

You can check your student account balance anytime via Self Service.

Please have scholarship checks sent to the Financial Aid Office:

Hastings College
Financial Aid Office Box 10
710 N Turner Ave
Hastings, NE 68901

Your Student ID number can be found directly under your name on your Student ID card.

Swing by the Career Services Office in Daugherty Student Engagement Center! The career services team will be happy to assist. Your professors are also a great resource for finding internships. We have an amazing alumni base that loves having HC students work with them.

ATM machines owned by Five Points Bank in Hastings are located in Hazelrigg Student Union and Lynn Farrell Arena lobbies.

You’ll need to provide documentation to show your identity and authorization to work. This is done via an I-9 form. For details on I-9  requirements, and what forms of ID are acceptable, click here.

Quick Tips for Time Management

Keeping notes and lists will help you keep track of everything you need to get done.

Figure out what tasks are the most important and focus on those first.
HC is a supportive community and we all want you to succeed!
There’s always tomorrow. Finish what you can and just focus on doing your best.

Housing and Campus Safety FAQs

RAs are your peer Resident Assistants and CLCs are your professional Community Living Coordinators. They are here to provide activities within your residence halls to help you get to know fellow students and support you with issues that come up with housing, roommates, etc.

We’ve put some great recommendations for what to (and what not to) bring to campus on this page. There are also suggestions found in the student handbook

All first-year, sophomore and junior students, including Hastings area students, are required to live on campus (total of three years or six semesters) unless they have a special circumstance (see the student handbook for more information) or live with their parents within Adams County.
Roommate changes will not be considered until all attempts at resolution have failed. Students may request a roommate change by contacting their RA and CLC and by filling out a “Roommate Change Form” after the beginning of each semesters’s room freeze. Requests for changes in Campus Housing go to the Director of Residential Life.
Laundry facilities are located in every residence hall and are FREE to use! You must provide your own laundry detergent, etc. There are instructions for how to use the machines found in the laundry room.
All residential areas of the college are locked 24 hours a day and are accessible by residents via personalized FOBs. Students are encouraged to be vigilant in protecting their own safety and should report all suspicious persons to the RA, CLC or Campus Safety and the police if they believe the situation warrants.
Visitation is contingent upon the rights of all residents to privacy, reasonable quiet and prior agreement between roommates. All students must register their off-campus guests with the CLC of their building. Guests who violate college policy as stated in the Student Handbook/Planner will be required to leave the campus.
Contact the RA or CLC On-Duty at 402.461.1313
In a life-threatening emergency, call 911, then call the Hastings College Campus Safety line at 402.984.8064
Each Residence Hall is equipped with a full kitchen (stove, microwave, fridge, etc).
Please speak with your RA or CLC to obtain the required equipment to loft your bed.
Vacuums can be borrowed (ask an RA or CLC); all other cleaning supplies are the student’s responsibility.
Campus Safety has jumper cables available and will assist to the best of their abilities.

All first-year, sophomore and junior students are required to live on campus (a total six semesters). There are exceptions, such as for students who reside with their parent or legal guardian in their primary residence within Adams County, Nebraska. The student handbook has additional details. 

Student Life and Campus Community FAQs

The city of Hastings has a very active community and  loves when Hastings College students get involved! City-wide events and activities are generally posted on on the Convention and Visitor’s Bureau site and hastingsdowntown.com.

Hastings has a great coffee shop scene, a YMCA, two movie theaters, amazing restaurants, places for live music, great downtown shopping and more!

For more about what there is to do around town, stop by the Student Engagement offices.

The campus calendar on OurHC, the Student Activities page and the Hastings College calendar are helpful in staying up to date on the latest activities and events.

Be sure to subscribe to calendars so you have them right on your phone.

Most events held on campus are free to students! Please be sure to bring your Hastings College student ID with you to events and activities.

The best way for you to meet other students and make friends is to try new activities  and be open to conversations with new people. We have students here from all over the world! It’s hard to meet friends if you just stay in your room and binge Netflix. We recommend trading time with electronic devices for attending campus events and activities. Life can be pretty great when you get out and live in the moment!

We recommend checking out the Involvement Fair during Welcome Week to learn more about student organizations and how to get involved. You can also check meeting dates and times via the Campus Calendar or OurHC.

While our campus is quite walkable, we also proudly sponsor a bicycle rental program called Bronco Bikes, where you can rent a bike for the school year. Please stop by the Student Engagement office for more information. Many students  ride-share and our Campus Safety team provides rides to and from the Amtrak Train Station for free.

Yes! There are many student discounts available in Hastings. 

The Student Engagement Office is located in the lower level of the Daugherty Student Engagement Center.

We have many amazing traditions at Hastings College: Week of Welcome, Homecoming, Lighting of Campus, Boar’s Head Dinner, Academic Showcase and May Fete are just a few highlights. Keep an eye on the Campus Calendar for more information!