Getting the job before the diploma

kayla albertsJohnson, Nebraska-native, Kayla Alberts is scheduled to graduate in May with a degree in economics and accounting. Unlike most college seniors about to finish their fall semester, she has already received and accepted a job offer.

Landing a job before graduation has been a huge weight off the shoulders.

Alberts said, “It’s a huge stress reliever not having to worry about it next semester when I’m going to be doing senior seminar.”

The application process for accounting students started in September 2014. Six applications and one month later, Alberts was offered and accepted a job as Staff Accountant with McDermott & Miller, a full service tax, accounting and business consulting firm in central Nebraska. Alberts will work in the Grand Island office.

During the spring semester she will begin working part-time with the firm; then, starting in July, she will begin full time.

“I’m excited not to be doing school and homework every day and just going to work and doing what I’ve been working for,” said Alberts.

All that work has finally paid off.  

Written by Maggie Meisinger, a senior from Littleton, Colorado

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