Delhay uses broadcasting skills to boost the College media team

Eli Delhay holding a camera in front of a green screen.
Eli Delhay is a first year student and member of the student media team and the men’s basketball team.

Eli Delhay came to Hastings College from Freeman Public Schools to become an elementary education teacher and to play basketball. But like many students, he has many interests — and one area he’s found success is on the student media team.

In high school, it started by watching and listening to students who were broadcasting games. And so he joined the high school media team.

“My junior year of high school was mainly learning how to broadcast volleyball games, which at first I wasn’t comfortable with because I didn’t know volleyball,” Delhay told a writer for Striv Education. But he learned, and excelled, and realized that broadcasting was something he could do in college, too.

Since his arrival in the fall, Delhay has been active with the Hastings College student media team, which livestreams home athletic events, many music events and other special events held on campus. It’s housed with the Center for Applied Media Arts.

Check out the full profile on Delhay at Striv Education.

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