Talent Pool introduces Vaughan to internship with genuine responsibilities

Making connections with local businesses this summer is Hastings local Maggie Vaughan. As a marketing intern at the Hastings Economic Development Corporation (HEDC), Vaughan has been reaching out to local manufacturers to create profiles for them. She hopes to promote employment at companies like Bruckman Rubber, Dutton-Lainson Company, T-L Irrigation to high school-aged students, college students and even recent college graduates.

mv verticalEach profile details a list of positions, education requirements for entry-level positions, entry-level hourly wage or salary, types and manufacturers of the equipment they use, how to apply, available benefits and some include testimonials. These will be distributed to local high schools and colleges to encourage students to stay in the area and pursue their job search locally.

A marketing major and senior at Hastings College, Vaughan has been interning with HEDC since January and, in addition to the profiles, is creating a marketing piece for the Hastings area. This piece considers the five basics of the area: arts and entertainment, education, business and industry, small business and entrepreneurship and agriculture.

“I am the marketing person so that was kind of a big challenge because I had to figure things out for myself, rather than going and asking someone who was already in my position,” said Vaughan. “That’s part of the learning experience though. I figured out how to get tasks and projects done independently, which is pretty beneficial for a first internship.”

HEDC is committed to talented people and quality businesses. They work hard to promote businesses within the Hastings community and attract new companies to join in the workforce of Hastings. Vaughan is interning under the guidance of Executive Director Dave Rippe.

“My internship has been treated like a first job,” said Vaughan. “Dave gives me guidance in the direction he is thinking, and I go for it. My internship is definitely driven towards preparing me for life after college. Every day is different, but every day I am treated like an employee doing things independently, but getting guidance when I need it.”

Vaughan said on most days she works on her computer for projects, contacts community business members for pictures, information for profiles, runs errands with Rippe to get a sense of his everyday responsibilities, files statements and puts together board books for monthly board meetings.

As a participant in the Hastings College Department of Business and Economics’ Talent Pool, Vaughan was selected for this internship. The Talent Pool allows students to showcase their academic knowledge and talents while making valued contributions to partnering businesses or organization. It is also a support group that involves mentoring from peers and business professionals.

Being from the Hastings area, the College has always played a role in her life. Now after attending the school for a few years, Vaughan can see how much of an impact the school is truly making. From her advisor, she has learned about actual board presentations and how to be comfortable within a professional situation.

“Hastings College has provided me with the skills I need to succeed; drive, confidence, and the ability to adapt and interact,” said Vaughan. “My advisor has always encouraged me to take some chances and has been there when I need advice or guidance in what next move to take. The majority of professors I have had are encouraging, give me the motivation to get things done on time, interact within the class and be attentive throughout; all of which have played into my internship. Overall, Hastings College has been an influential aspect of my life and is definitely responsible for the success in my undergraduate experience and how I will represent myself in the future.”

By Amanda Miller, a senior from Woodland Park, Colorado majoring in journalism

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