Remm exploring disaster responses through summer internships

kristinremmWhile many students are returning to their families for the summer or earning money working summer jobs, senior Kristin Remm is spending her summer gaining experience in safety management and responding to different disasters.

On her first day interning at the American Red Cross in Lincoln, Nebraska, Remm said she made more than 200 copies and 100 volunteer packets. She attended a mock school shooting simulation in Papillion-LaVista (Nebraska) South High School.

“This simulation was to educate students, community members, first responders, law enforcement and charity organizations on the best practices, preparation methods and responses to emergencies such as school shootings,” she said.

The Red Cross has many chapters located around the nation that Remm says are “where volunteers are coordinated and dispatched to local disasters.” These chapters prepare, respond and assist in recovery for individuals and communities impacted by disaster.

“Volunteers for the Red Cross constitute nearly 90% of the total workforce for the Red Cross,” said Remm. “The most common disaster that the Red Cross responds to is house fires, both in urban and rural settings.”

With such a broad mission, Remm is getting experience in many different activities.

“During my internship with the American Red Cross I have been exposed to many experiences and opportunities,” said Remm. “I have been able to assist on a fire call where I was able to help the affected family, do client casework, and help them set up a recovery plan for the immediate future.”

And this is only Remm’s first internship of the summer.

To gain credit towards her sociology degree with an emphasis in human services administration, Remm also is interning for MFS/York/Stormor.

Based in Grand Island, Nebraska, MFS/York/Stormor is a division of Global Industries, Inc. that manufactures grain bins, with locations and clients around the world.

Remm anticipates she will assist Jamie Lemburg, the Safety Coordinator for MFS/York/Stormor and complete reports for OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), plant audits, employee safety training and new equipment safety training.

“I am most looking forward to experiencing a full time job in a large corporation,” said Remm in regard to MFS/York/Stormor. “I’m looking forward to not only gaining experience in safety management, but also in the political and national aspect of safety management (mainly learning about OSHA and their policies) for companies like MFS.”

Remm is grateful to build such diverse experience this summer.

She said, “Working at the American Red Cross provides me with the experience in the response/recovery aspect of emergency management. However, when I get back to Grand Island I will be gaining experience in the preventative actions of emergency management as well as preparing employees for emergencies and emergency prevention.”

By Amanda Miller, a senior from Woodland Park, Colorado, majoring in journalism

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