Psychology major helps ID top job candidates

When Lincoln, Neb.-native and Hastings College student Kelly Prange first contacted Talent Plus about a summer internship, the news wasn’t encouraging. After she described her interest in industrial and organizational psychology, experience and coursework at Hastings College, the recruiter explained Talent Plus wasn’t seeking interns at the time. He also said when the talent search and consulting company does hire interns, they work year-round in Lincoln.

Kelly continued applying for other internships when Talent Plus surprised her and called back. After an interview, they offered her a year-long internship she could complete in Hastings during the school year.

She was ecstatic.

“I feel very blessed to have this internship,” said the Psychology major who runs long distance for the Hastings College Women’s Track and Field team. “I have been able to interview a variety of people, even some executives, and learn what responsibilities are required for specific roles within organizations and businesses. This internship also has been extremely useful in helping me learn about different industries and the business world in general.”

On a daily basis, Kelly uses theories and skills she learned in her research methods and statistics classes at Hastings College.

“My main responsibility includes conducting scientifically validated, structured interviews that our clients use to select and develop top performers,” she said. “I also analyze these interviews and write feedback to managers and interviewees. This summer, I have also been given the opportunity to work on the research team and have just begun learning how to arrange and analyze data for our clients.”

When she’s in Hastings, Kelly sets her own hours based on her class and practice schedules. “The flexibility is wonderful,” she said.

Based on this experience, Kelly wants to pursue her Ph.D. in Industrial and organizational psychology after graduating from Hastings College.

“This internship will definitely be instrumental in ensuring that I get into the graduate program I want and Talent Plus has already offered to hire me as a full-time associate once I graduate could turn into a career if I choose.”

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