Pharmacy internship confirms Eliasen’s career plans

Anna Eliasen, a senior biochemistry major from Meeker, Colo., heard about an opportunity to intern with Walgreens from her adviser, Dr. Amy Morris, Professor of Biology.

eliasen anna 2 2014“I went after this internship because it’s something I’m interested in and the supervisor seemed helpful and willing to help me learn,” Anna said. “This experience will help me get into a pharmacy school.”

Anna credits Dr. Morris and Dr. John Bohmfalk, Professor of Biology and Chemistry, as her mentors and support system both during her internship and also through her college career at Hastings College. Her coursework at Hastings College also served to prepare her for the internship and provided her with the necessary base knowledge.

“My academic experience helped when it came to learning the pharmacy tech [work] and to understanding the process of making compounds,” Anna said. “The courses that were most beneficial were Analytical Chemistry and Biochemistry and, to some degree, Organic Chemistry.”

Although Anna was not able to connect directly with patients due to confidentiality and liability regulations, she was able to serve as a technician, learning about how the different pharmaceuticals and medicines work, how to fill prescriptions and how the process works.

“The best part of the internship to me was working with wonderful people and having someone who I could ask questions that had been through the process before me,” Anna said.

She plans to continue working at Walgreens during the school year and pursue her interest at pharmacy school after she graduates from Hastings College.


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