Coming back to college, Marx thrived

Jon Randall Marx’s first attempt at college in the early 2000’s was a failure. He describes himself as “unmotivated, unambitious and lazy.”

Jon Randall Marx thrived at Hastings College.“The years that followed opened my eyes to the value of a good education and the need for me to push myself harder to achieve the goals I had in mind,” he said. “I wanted more out of life, and I knew that the types of careers I would be interested in required higher degrees.”

At Hastings College, Jon found the quieter environment, great academic programs and Christian affiliation he sought – and he thrived! 

He connected with his professors, secured a fellowship to conduct research in Ireland, participated in the choir, represented other nontraditional students in the Student Senate and was recognized for his campus leadership when he was named to the college’s Who’s Who list as a senior in 2013.

“The opportunities for nontraditional students to excel at Hastings College are manifold,” said the History Major who is now a graduate student at University College Cork in Cork, Ireland.

“I know firsthand that the transition isn’t easy,” said Jon. “It can be scary, lonely and overwhelming. Yet, Hastings College is a great school, its faculty is amazing and there are many opportunities here for growth, learning and fun. If you invest yourself it will pay dividends, and I have no doubt you will realize your fullest potential.”

One story Jon tells outlines perfectly his experience at Hastings:

“When I was working on my senior thesis in Fall 2012, I had just come back from doing research in Ireland, was working 60+ hours a week, working on grad school applications, and was basically overwhelmed.  One day, I sat in McCormick Hall with my head in my hands.  I was in abject misery, and what did Dr. Rob Babcock, Professor of History, do?  He came over, put his hand on my shoulder and calmed me down. We worked out a plan of action for how he’d help me get through the rest of the semester.  Every day for the remainder of the year he would cook me dinner after work and help me work through things a bit at a time.  I would not have survived without his gracious help. That’s only one story of many, and one amazing professor of many.” 

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