Anderson moves from student to employer

Heartland Bank Regional President Jeremy Anderson ’04 is finding the importance of hiring Hastings College students and alumni.

jeremyanderson“As an alumnus that has seen a large benefit in my career and life from my experience at Hastings College, I view this as a way to give back to the College and to others that attend the college or have attended,” he said. “It’s also a source of great pride for me. We believe strongly in hiring talent at Heartland Bank, and I know that when we are selecting
for a new position that Hastings College students and alumni will be among the most talented applicants we will receive.”

Currently, four Hastings alumni are working full time at the bank, in addition to three student interns. In the past, the bank has typically kept a constant rotation of two to three students per semester on staff in various positions of part-time status, including customer service associates, marketing interns and credit analysts.

Being a community bank, the importance of having close ties with the college is essential.

“Having a strong tie to the college has proven time and time again to be a win-win. We have been able to recruit and often retain talented associates for our team, and we have also been able to provide great opportunities for students and alumni of the College,” he said.

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