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Alumni Success Stories

Mario Powell '13 has used his broad experience at Hastings College and commitment to consistency to build success as Director of Music at his church in Colorado springs. ...Read more
Two years ago, Ashton Lambie ‘13 set the record for the fastest bike ride across Kansas. Now, Lambie, with his orange handlebar mustache, is gripping the handlebars of another bike — one that he pedaled... Read more
Dr. Kalinskiy currently works as Director for Government Relations for Uralkali, the top Russian and global producer of potash mineral fertilizer. He is also a Professor of Economics at the Moscow National Technological University for Steel & Alloys. Read more
Emily Case ’14 hails from a small Nebraskan town with little diversity, yet she’s developed a passion for giving a voice to minority populations. “I feel like on the most basic level, I’ve always been... Read more
When animal law enforcement officer and 2015 Hastings College Graduate Timothy Rice catches a pet owner without a leash, he doesn’t issue a ticket. Instead, he offers a lesson on the dangers of off-leash pets,... Read more
Alek Diffendaffer applies reflective markers to the major joints and anatomical landmarks of a baseball pitcher as 3D motion capture camera and high-tech software stand by to record the pitcher’s movements. Each recording will be... Read more
Taylor Samek '16 has used his experience interacting with the diverse student population at Hastings College to help him be more effective now as a deputy sheriff in Merrick county. Read more
If Emilie Barnes ’17 was keeping a list of her steps to success in the publishing industry, it would be full of checkmarks. Complete an internship with a small press in Ireland? Check. Self-publish a... Read more
For a young professional looking to launch a career in publishing, the Denver Publishing Institute (DPI) makes a perfect stepping stone. The four-week graduate program covers the complete book publishing process through lectures and workshops... Read more
When Alyssa Rose Bliven ’14 first enrolled at Hastings College, she planned to one day become a veterinarian. The future had something else in store for her. During the 2017 Hastings College Homecoming and Family... Read more
Yannic Thiel ’11 takes pleasure in his refined tastes for the simple joys in life. For him, there is great happiness to be found in a good education, competitive soccer and luxury shoes. He’s such... Read more