Retired dean, professor establishes Retirees’ Discretionary Fund for the President

Retired professor and Associate Academic Dean Dr. Anne (Fairbanks) Bohlke has fond memories of the nearly two decades she and Executive President Dr. Rich Lloyd ‘85 worked together at Hastings College in the English Department and Academic Dean’s Office.

Bohlke began her tenure as an English professor in 1983 where she initially worked with Lloyd’s father, Dr. Darrel Lloyd, before the younger Lloyd joined the English faculty in 1990. She then became the associate academic dean in 2006, once again working closely with Rich Lloyd, who was then serving as academic dean.

When news came late last summer of Rich Lloyd’s return to Hastings College as executive president, Bohlke said she felt confident that the College had selected the perfect candidate, citing Lloyd’s creativity and intellect, paired with his strong ethics and boundless energy.

Photo of Ann Bohlke in front of steps.
Dr. Anne (Fairbanks) Bohlke

“I thought about what kind of gesture to incorporate for celebrating his return to Hastings College while also benefiting the College in the long-term,” Bohlke said.

This led to her establishing the Retirees’ Discretionary Fund for the President, which is funded by retired and former Hastings College employees to offer additional resources in Lloyd’s leadership of the College.

“We have known him since he was a ‘faculty kid,’ a top Hastings College student and a brilliant professor and administrator here,” Bohlke wrote in a correspondence to her former colleagues. “He has the energy, intelligence, creativity, kindness and moral compass that we know the College needs at this critical time.”

During the throes of the COVID-19 pandemic, Bohlke said she has enjoyed calling to touch base with her former colleagues and ask for their support. Additionally, during a time when many small colleges are being stretched financially, Bohlke said it is gratifying to see people who are willing to help.

“It’s been fun to call people to see how they are doing, and they’re very enthusiastic,” Bohlke said. “So many are emotionally attached to the college and have the best intentions. The range of responses has been tremendous.

“I would ultimately like to see this fund grow enough to become an endowed fund. I think it’s one small thing that will help lay another brick in the edifice. Sometimes, we think that there is one solution that will magically change everything, but really it’s a sum of smaller things,” Bohlke added. “Having this fund is one of many gestures in helping him succeed.”

Lloyd, a 1985 graduate of Hastings College, also continues to serve as president of Bryan College of Health Sciences in Lincoln and has paved the way for academic partnerships to take place between Hastings College, the University of Nebraska at Omaha, the University of Nebraska Medical Center and Central Community College, along with bringing a second location for the Bryan College of Health Sciences four-year bachelor of science in nursing program to Hastings, slated for fall 2021.

While only retired and former employees of the College have been solicited thus far, anyone is welcome to contribute to the Retirees’ Discretionary Fund. Questions or those interested in contributing can contact Bohlke at 402.469.4462, or Mike Karloff with the Hastings College Foundation at 402.461.7473 or

Included below is a list of retired and former faculty and staff and current Hastings College Trustees who have supported the fund, as of January 14, 2021:

  • Sharon Behl Brooks & John Brooks
  • Bob & Mary Boerigter
  • Anne Bohlke
  • John Bohmfalk
  • Dan Deffenbaugh
  • Roger & Karen Doerr
  • Phil & Donna Dudley
  • Jim & Linda Dugan
  • Chuck & Sigrid Eigenberg
  • Judy Hall
  • Kathy & Harry Haverly
  • Pat Hughes
  • Phil & Kay Jordan
  • Robin & Ann Koozer
  • Jack & Tracy Kramer
  • Will & Ginny Locke
  • David & Terry Lovekin
  • Fred Mattes
  • Bob Nedderman
  • Mary & Richard Plock
  • Hauli & Bill Sabatka
  • Judy & Jack Sandeen
  • Jim & Sandy Smith
  • Kathy Stofer & John Wood
  • Dennis & Carole Storer
  • Dwayne & Cindy Strasheim
  • George & Joy White
  • Jim Wiest
  • Lee & Diane Wigert
  • Joachim Wunderlich & Laura Marvel Wunderlich

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