New Broncos arrive to a changed campus

The closure of a street bisecting campus. The demolition of houses. The creation of new parking areas. The preparation for the new Jackson Dinsdale Art Center.

These are among the summer projects giving the Hastings College campus a new look as students they return to campus for 2015 New Student Days orientation and the 2015-2016 academic year.

“Although some of these changes took longer than anticipated, they were well worth the wait,” said Don Jackson ’70, President of Hastings College. “These projects combined with the start of the new year are generating a lot of energy and excitement on campus. I look forward to the future impact these projects will have on students both inside and outside of the classroom.”

New students won’t be the only new faces on campus this fall. Three new full-time professors will join the faculty. Dr. Amanda Solem will serve as Assistant Professor of Biology, filling the position held by Dr. Dallas Wilhelm, former Chair of the Biology Department. Dr. Caitlin Williams joins the Physics Department as Assistant Professor, and Taylor LaSalle will work as Instructor in the Physical Education and Human Performance Department.

Overall, the Hastings College Class of 2019 is the fifth largest in school history, and the current student population total is the sixth largest for the College. Official enrollment numbers will be available in October.

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