Klugesherz top speaker at Bronco Forensics team’s first tournament

At the Debates on a Plain in Hutchinson, Kansas, from September 27-28, Miranda Klugesherz, a senior from Colorado Springs, Colorado, won the individual event sweepstakes on the first day of competition. She placed first in Informative Speaking and Program of Oral Interpretation; second in After Dinner Speaking; and third in Communication Analysis. Additionally, she advanced to semi-finals in Prose Interpretation.


Overall, the Bronco Forensics team, competing in its first tournament of the year, placed third on the first day, fourth on the second day and fourth for the weekend. Other individual results follow.


Next weekend, the Broncos will compete in the Clover Classic hosted by Doane College.


Saturday, September 27, 2014 – hosted by Hutchinson Community College


Trischia Rueckert, a junior from Beloit, Kansas

                                                                                    6th Place, Impromptu Speaking

                                                                                    6th Place, Extemporaneous Speaking


Laurel Teal, a sophomore from Castle Rock, Colorado 

                                                                                    Semi-finals, Impromptu Speaking


Saturday, September 28, 2014 – hosted by Sterling College



                                                                                    1st place, Informative Speaking

                                                                                    1st place, After Dinner Speaking

                                                                                    2nd place, Communication Analysis

                                                                                    4th place, Individual Event Sweepstakes


Teal Timperly, a junior from Lynch, Nebraska

                                                                                    6th place, Dramatic Interpretation

                                                                                    7th place, Prose Interpretation

Rueckert                                                                   6th place, Communication Analysis


Tommy Hendrix, a junior from Omaha, Nebraska

                                                                                   6th place, Poetry Interpretation

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