Hastings College wallpaper for your iPad, computer

Since students are not on campus for the rest of the semester, we wanted them to have a little piece of Hastings College on their iPad Pros.

We  asked students to share photos or drawn images sized for their iPad Pros — and are making those available here every Wednesday for the next few weeks for what we’re calling Wallpaper Wednesday! 

The images are sized for iPad Pros, but they’ll scale somewhat to other iPads and computer screens.

Students: Feel free to send your image, drawing or art to jbeahm@hastings.edu for consideration.

Enjoy this iPad wallpaper or printable sheet you can color yourself! 


Submitted by Austin Uhlig, a junior digital design and development major from Omaha, Nebraska.


Submitted by Rachel Saathoff, a junior education major from Trumbull, Nebraska.


Submitted by Ally Ginkens, a senior exercise science major from Mullen, Nebraska.

Wallpaper AllyGinkens

Submitted by McKenna Lamoree, a senior studio/digital art major from Juniata, Nebraska.


Submitted by Samantha Janda, a sophomore art education major from Lawrence, Nebraska.

Wallpaper SamanthaJanda

Submitted by Sydney Holmes, a sophomore from Grand Island, Nebraska

Wallpaper _SydneyHolmes

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