Hastings College offers $15,000, full tuition scholarships to TeamMates participants

With TeamMates’ founder Dr. Tom Osborne ’59 being a graduate of Hastings College, it makes sense that Hastings College would be among the first and most active colleges in offering scholarships to TeamMates mentees.

teammates logoIn fact, the College offers a noncompetitive $15,000 Hastings College Teammates Scholarship that’s available to anyone in the program for at least two years. The College also offers an Osborne Legacy Scholarship, which is a full tuition scholarship to Hastings.

First awarded in 2014, the Osborne Legacy Scholarship is an annual competitive scholarship, with one recipient per year. The 2016 recipient is Alondra Zapata Gonzalez of Grand Island.

Founded in 1991 by Osborne, TeamMates encourages youth to graduate from high school and attend college by pairing them with adult mentors. These mentors work with mentees in many ways, ranging from homework help to simply being a positive influence that students can talk to.

More than college prep

Rebekka Ralston, an English and secondary education major from Sutherland, Nebraska, was the inaugural Hastings College Osborne Legacy Scholar in 2014. She said the TeamMates program helped push her in the direction of higher education, and eventually to Hastings College.

susan and rebekka teammates“The program definitely aided in my preparation for college, my mentor helped me research scholarships and fill out all of the applications,” said Ralston. “But TeamMates is so much more than just about getting ready for college, it’s also just a great way for students to be able to talk to a trusted adult other than their parents. It provides that extra support I think everybody needs.”

Holly Haswell, the 2015 recipient of the Osborne Legacy Scholarship, said she also values the unique relationship between a student and their mentor.

“A lot of students may not have the best background or home life, but TeamMates offers them an opportunity to be influenced by a trusted adult mentor who is outside of what may be an unsupportive circle of family and friends,” said Haswell, who is from Ashland, Nebraska. “I‘m fortunate enough to not have been stuck in a toxic home environment, but as a mentee and a future educator, I see how crucial that can be, especially for at-risk students.”

Continuing to the next stage

TeamMates also has a post-secondary program to ensure success beyond getting into college. According to TeamMates’ post-secondary specialist DeMoine Adams, the post-secondary program helps students acclimate to college and living away from home.

“We want to ensure that after these kids go to college they stay in and graduate with their degrees,” said Adams. “So we highly encourage that students be matched with a mentor on campus and continue on in the TeamMates program in college.”

Both Haswell and Ralston are participating in the post-secondary program, and are both glad that they made that choice.

“The post-secondary program is based primarily around being a support structure for students,” said Haswell. “I can go to my mentor with class issues of course, but as a first-year student who doesn’t know many others yet, it’s also great to have someone at Hastings I can always talk to and trust.”

Haswell’s mentor at Hastings College is Traci Boeve, director of financial aid, while Ralston’s mentor is Susan Meeske, vice president for enrollment management and marketing.

Hastings College paves the way

teammates holly and traciAccording to Adams, Hastings College was one of the first institutions of higher learning to partner with TeamMates by offering scholarships and sponsoring a chapter of the post-secondary program.

“We really value our relationship with Hastings College, and especially the individuals who serve as mentors,” Adams said. “It’s a great partnership that has encouraged other colleges to get involved as well. We really appreciate Hastings being one of the first schools to step up.”

Though the TeamMates organization controls many of the decisions made in regards to the selection process for Osborne Legacy and Hastings College Teammates Scholarships, the College provides the financial support for the opportunities.

According Boeve, it is a beneficial relationship for the College. “Our partnership has been very rewarding,” said Boeve. “As an administrator, but also as a mentor, I’ve enjoyed working with TeamMates.”

A great opportunity

Ralston and Haswell recommend other students become involved with the program.

“Everybody in middle or high school should join the TeamMates program,” said Ralston. “It was life changing and you get to do so many cool things.”

Haswell agrees completely.

“I would recommend this to any individual who may be struggling in school or life in general,” Haswell said. “TeamMates provides that different perspective, and of course it’s a lot of fun as well.”


Hastings College is a private, four-year institution located in Hastings, Nebraska, that focuses on student academic and extracurricular achievement. With more than 60 majors and 14 pre-professional programs, Hastings College has been named among “Great Schools, Great Prices” by U.S. News & World Report, a “Best in the Midwest” by The Princeton Review and a “Best Bang for the Buck” school by Washington Monthly. For more, go to hastings.edu.

By Nick Musgrave, a junior from Parkersburg, West Virginia, majoring in history and political science

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