Hastings College launches pharmacy program that offers students path to UNMC

Hastings College and the University of Nebraska Medical Center have launched a new cooperative program, a Hastings-based Pharmacy Early Assurance Program.

High school seniors interested in pharmacy can apply to Hastings College and the Early Assurance Program. Selected students will move through an interview process, and if accepted into the program, be assured a slot in UNMC’s College of Pharmacy provided students maintain a 3.5 GPA at Hastings College and meet UNMC pre-requisite requirements.

The deadline to apply for fall 2023 enrollment for current high school seniors is December 1, 2022. Interviews will happen after the deadline. Links to the application and details can be found at hastings.edu/pharmacy.

“This is a great opportunity for more students to enter an outstanding pharmacy program while earning their undergraduate degree at a private college that’s known for smaller class sizes and a more personalized approach to learning,” said Dr. Neil Heckman, a professor of chemistry at Hastings College.

“The UNMC College of Pharmacy is very excited to partner with Hastings College for the Pharmacy Early Assurance Program. The demand for pharmacists continues to increase, and we look forward to working with Hastings College to identify talented individuals to provide care in our communities,” said Dr. Chris Shaffer, associate dean of the UNMC College of Pharmacy.

While the goal of the Pharmacy Early Assurance Program is to encourage more students from rural communities to become pharmacists and serve rural communities, the program is not restricted in that way. It is open to all students — even students outside Nebraska. There is also no post-graduation requirement for students accepted into the program.

“One great feature of Pharmacy Early Assurance Program is Hastings College students will make connections with one or more practicing pharmacists, and be able to attend UNMC conferences and other programs as an undergrad, plus other on-campus programs for students in the health professions,” Heckman said.

In addition to the standard Hastings College application for admissions, which is free, the Pharmacy Early Assurance Program application includes a supplemental pharmacy application and three letters of recommendation.

Students accepted into the program generally would spend three years at Hastings College before moving to UNMC for the pharmacy program, receiving a retroactive bachelor’s degree from Hastings College after completion of the first year of the professional program.

Heckman said students could also stay at Hastings College four years, especially if they were involved in co-curricular activities.

Students will also not need to take the Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT).

A minimum high school GPA of 3.5 is required for the program. While ACT or SAT scores are not required for admission to Hastings College, students are encouraged to submit their test scores on the Pharmacy Early Assurance Program application, with an ACT of 25 or higher or SAT of 1690 or higher being recommended.

Students in the recommended GPA range will likely receive scholarships totalling $20,000 or more per year at Hastings College — plus additional aid, depending on income and FAFSA results.

Hastings College is a four-year residential college that focuses on student academic and extracurricular achievement. Hastings’ student-centered initiatives include providing books, an iPad and a two-week study away experience at no additional cost. A block-style semester schedule allows professors and students to focus on fewer classes at a time and promotes hands-on experiences. Discover more at hastings.edu.

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