Hastings College Bronco Forensics qualifies additional students for national tourney

During early 2013, the Hastings College Bronco Forensics team qualified seven additional events for the 2013 American Forensics Association National Individual Events Tournament (AFA-NIET). Currently, the team has 17 events qualified for the tournament, to be held this spring in Hutchinson, Kans. 
Concordia University Tournament, January 19:
Mike Dvorak, a senior from Oklahoma City, Okla.        1st,  After Dinner Speaking*
                                            5th, Communication Analysis
Trevor Brass, a senior from Lincoln, Neb.            4th, Extemporaneous Speaking* 
Hannah Davis, a senior from Grand Island, Neb.         3rd, Poetry
Jose Jimenez, a junior from Lexington, Neb.            5th in Dramatic Interpretation
Concordia University Tournament, January 20:
Dvorak                                         1st, Communications Analysis 
Davis                                        2nd, Dramatic Interpretation
                                            5th, Poetry
Brass                                        3rd, Speaker Points
Jimenez                                        1st, Poetry
                                            6th, Prose Interpretation
                                            3rd, Speaker Points
Amanda Cargile, a senior from Devine, Texas        6th, Poetry
Nikko Zurawski, a sophomore from Bennett, Colo.,         2nd, Debate Speaker Points
Miranda Klugesherz, a junior from Colorado Springs, Colo.    2nd, Communication Analysis
Kansas/Nebraska Swing, January 26:
Jared Buskirk, a junior from Holdrege, Neb.            2nd, Extemporaneous Speaking*
Jimenez                                        2nd, Program of Oral Interpretation
                                            4th, Poetry
Ethan Richardson, a junior from Omaha, Neb.        6th, Dramatic Interpretation
Aaron Pierce, a freshman from Cozad, Neb.            4th, Extemporaneous Speaking
Tommy Hendrix, a freshman from Omaha, Neb.        6th, Program of Oral Interpretation
Kansas/Nebraska Swing, January 27:
Hastings College Bronco Forensics Team            3rd, Team Sweepstakes
Brass                                        6th, After Dinner Speaking
Jimenez                                        2nd, Program of Oral Interpretation*
                                            3rd, Dramatic Interpretation
                                            1st, Individual Sweepstakes
Hendrix                                        1st, Poetry*
                                            3rd, Program of Oral Interpretation 
Pierce                                        6th, Extemporaneous Speaking
Flat Land Fiesta, February 1:
Sierra Walker, a sophomore from Gering, Neb., and 
Zurawski                             Quarterfinalists, Parliamentary Debate
Flat Land Fiesta, February 2:
Hastings College Bronco Forensics Team            2nd, Team Sweepstakes
Brass                                        4th, After Dinner Speaking
Richardson                                    6th, After Dinner Speaking
Walker                                        1st, Impromptu
                                            2nd, Extemporaneous Speaking
                                            6th, Communication Analysis
Hendrix and Klugesherz                            1st, Duo
Klugesherz                                    1st, Program of Oral Interpretation*
                                            1st, Prose Interpretation
Zurawski                                        3rd, Extemporaneous Speaking
Pierce                                        1st, Impromptu
                                            2nd, Extemporaneous Speaking*
                                            4th, Prose Interpretation
Corbin Henk, a freshman from Doniphan, Neb.        4th, Informative Speaking
Flat Land Fiesta, February 3:
Hastings College Bronco Forensics Team            1st, Team Sweepstakes
Cargile                                        4th, Dramatic Interpretation*
Richardson                                    7th, Extemporaneous Speaking
Walker                                        1st, After Dinner Speaking
                                            2nd, Communication Analysis
                                            3rd, Extemporaneous Speaking
Zurawski                                        1st, Impromptu Speaking
                                            4th, Extemporaneous Speaking
Klugesherz                                    1st, Program of Oral Interpretation
                                            3rd, Prose Interpretation
Hendrix                                        2nd, Program of Oral Interpretation
Pierce                                        2nd, Extemporaneous Speaking
                                            2nd, After Dinner Speaking
Teal Timperly, a freshman from Lynch, Neb., and
Henk                                        5th, Duo
*This event has now qualified for the national tournament.

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