Hastings College Artist Lecture Series Student Symposium Announces Speakers

The Hastings College Artist Lecture Series Student Symposium is pleased to present “Have No Fear, ALS is Here!”, October 9-12, 2012, on the Hastings College Campus.

The symposium centers on the topic “Fear” and begins with “Fear in Your Field”, a panel discussion about how fear is manifested in diverse academic and professional fields. This discussion, featuring faculty and community members, will be held on Tuesday, October 9 at 7:00 PM in Hazelrigg Student Union, Rooms A and B (705 N. Turner Ave.)

On Wednesday, October 10, Frank Furedi, sociologist and social commentator, will present “The Culture of Fear” at 7:00 PM at the French Memorial Chapel (800 N. Turner Ave.).

On Thursday, October 11, the symposium continues with “Using Body and Mind to Master Fear”, a presentation by yoga expert Larry Terkel, at 9:00 AM at Hazelrigg Student Union, Rooms A & B. At 11:00 AM, Michael Poll, author and corporate consultant, will present “Create Your Own Success, Because Nobody Else Will!” at French Memorial Chapel.

From 1-4:00 PM, each speaker will host workshops to provide a hands-on experience for participants at Hazelrigg Student Union, Rooms A, B and C. Sessions will cover topics including yoga, meditation, success after college and the physical benefits of fear. Thursday’s activities will conclude with a presentation by skydiver and X Games Champion Brian Germain. His lecture, entitled “Fear and Success”, will take place at 7:00 PM at French Memorial Chapel.

The symposium will conclude Friday evening with the showing of the film “Insidious” at the Physical Fitness Facility (903 E. 9th St.) at 8:00 PM.

“We are excited to bring to campus a week long exploration of the topic of fear. Fear is a universal emotion, and instead of having it affect your life negatively, we want you to discover tools, tricks, and tips to change fear into a positive force,” said Lauren Hohbein, Artist Lecture Series Student Co-Chair.

About the speakers:

Franc Furedi
Frank Furedi was formerly Professor of Sociology at the University of Kent in Canterbury. He is author of several books on the subject of fear and has explored controversies and panics over issues such as health, children, food, new technology and terrorism. At present he is completing a book on the rise of the Fear Market in contemporary society. The book, studies the role of competing groups – politicians, the media, advocacy organizations, business – in the controversies that surround health, food, technology, terrorism and disasters.

Larry Terkel
After graduation from Cornell University in 1970, with a BS in Engineering and an MBA, Larry Terkel traveled for one year and studied Hinduism, Buddhism and yoga in India. When he returned to the United States, Larry earned an MA in Philosophy and Comparative Religion from Kent State University and began his business career. He also began teaching yoga and meditation. Then, in 1978, Larry and his wife, Susan, bought an old church on the town square of Hudson, Ohio, and founded The Spiritual Life Society, an inter-denominational center for spiritual and holistic studies. As its licensed minister, Larry has officiated at over 2,000 weddings for couples of all faiths. He also teaches yoga and meditation there and gives weekly talks.

Michael Poll
As an author, speaker and corporate consultant, Michael Poll has the ideas to get students ready for life beyond college. In his programs, Michael shares the secrets to getting noticed by America’s most dynamic companies. He knows what employers are looking for, and he will tell you in these exciting, useful and straight-shooting presentations perfect for all students. Michael also provides tips for student leaders to get the most out of their college leadership experience.

Brian Germain
Brian’s work on the topic of fear and its effects began with his wide diversity of adventure leadership experiences, but became crystallized when tragic paraglider collapse nearly took his life. Rejecting the doctors’ proclamation that he would never jump again, Brian not only emerged from his wheelchair to continue skydiving, but a mere four years later became the ESPN X-Games Champion in Freefly Skydiving. His inspiring journey through and beyond fear has moved people all over the world to challenge their own personal boundaries, and expand who they are by taking fear head-on.

Note to media: For information, contact Kyle Chesterman, Artist Lecture Series Student Co-Chair at kchesterman@hastings.edu.

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