Hastings College announces TimeWarp summer experience 

It’s 1945. The end of World War II is in sight. The Allied powers gather in Yalta to reorganize post-war Europe — and debate the creation of the United Nations. Will they succeed? Will this unknowingly be the event that kicks off the Cold War?

TimeWarp graphic.This is the theme for TimeWarp: 1945, a week-long summer simulation experience for current high school sophomores and juniors interested in history, culture, politics and diplomacy. Held on the campus of Hastings College, the experience is created and managed by faculty in departments of history and political science.

TimeWarp takes place from June 11 through Saturday, June 17, on the Hastings College campus. As a member of the U.S., British, or Soviet delegation, students will travel to Yalta (conveniently relocated to Hastings) and help draft The Final Protocol — a document that will help decide the fate of the world.

Through diplomacy, debate and negotiation — and maybe even some espionage and conspiracy — students will do their best to decide on objectives and make agreements about the way the world will function after the end of the war, while ensuring that their delegation’s objectives are honored.

“TimeWarp provides students with a unique and valuable learning experience and encourages them to develop a deeper understanding of this critical moment in history,” said Dr. Bob Amyot, professor of political science and director of TimeWarp. “It will also help grow their interest in history, culture and diplomacy, while working, living and playing with other like-minded students from across the region.”

The cost for TimeWarp: 1945 is $500 for the week, which is paid after acceptance into the program. It includes housing, meals, entertainment and materials. A limited number of partial scholarships are available for those who meet free/reduced school lunch criteria. More information and the application can be found at hastings.edu/timewarp. The deadline to apply is April 1.

Students who are accepted into the experience can expect a week full of research, negotiations, impassioned speechmaking, backroom deals and mapmaking. There will be serious role-playing while learning about British, Russian and American cuisine, social graces, games, language, history, field trips and a grand state dinner to (hopefully) celebrate the final agreement.

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