Hastings College Announces High School Students Selected for Honor Band, Choir, Orchestra

Hastings College has announced high school students selected for its 54th Annual Honor Band, 64th Annual Honor Choir and 37th Annual Honor Orchestra.

The Hastings College Honor Band, Choir and Orchestra (HBOC) are the longest-running high school music honor ensembles in Nebraska. The 2016 event will be held February 4-6 at Hastings College, with the annual concert scheduled for Saturday, February 6 at 3:00 p.m. in the Kiewit Physical Education Building (715 E. 7th Street).

“This year’s Hastings College Honor Band, Choir and Orchestra will be outstanding,” said Dr. Robin Koozer, Chair of the Hastings College Department of Music and General Chairman of HBOC. “With nearly 300 auditions submitted by high school students across the state, the selection process was, at times, difficult. The result, however, is that the students selected are some of the best in the state. It demonstrates the quality music education available to students, and a strong interest by these students in advancing their skills. It will be an exciting weekend culminating in a wonderful performance. Congratulations to all who were selected.”

Dr. Daniel Laing, Associate Professor of Music and Director of Bands at Hastings College, is chair of the 2016 Honor Band; Dr. Fritz Mountford, Professor of Music and Director of Choral Activities at Hastings College, is chair of the 2016 Nebraska High School Honor Choir; and Dr. Byron W. Jensen, Professor of Music, Strings, Bells and Music History at Hastings College, is chair of the Honor Chamber Orchestra.

Students selected for the 2016 Hastings College Honor Band

First NameLast NameHigh SchoolInstrument
TessaDethlefsFort Calhoun High SchoolAlto Saxophone
NoahGoodwinPapillion La Vista SouthAlto Saxophone
MollyMaganaGICCAlto Saxophone
EmilyBeaveHastings High SchoolAlto Saxophone
MackenzieHeneger*Platteview High SchoolAlto Saxophone
TreySwitzerGretna High SchoolBaritone
DavidBeckett*Alliance High SchoolBaritone
JakeMcCaffrey*Alliance High SchoolBaritone
CoryBugielBlair High SchoolBaritone Saxophone
TerynStoutBlair High SchoolBass Clarinet
CodyStevensYutanBass Clarinet
DaltonKleinCozad High SchoolBass Clarinet
DaltonVan StrattenBlair High SchoolBassoon
StephenSobotaBlair High SchoolBassoon
MacyMillerNorris High SchoolClarinet
MasonKaedingBlair High SchoolClarinet
HannahFowlerBlair High SchoolClarinet
LindeeSchultzAdams CentralClarinet
ShelbyCastorWheeler CentralClarinet
RubyRollandBlair high schoolClarinet
OliviaLutzPlatteview High SchoolClarinet
JackMcGowanLincoln East High SchoolClarinet
BethanyKrullKearney High SchoolClarinet
SamanthaHundstad*Broken Bow High SchoolClarinet
LaurenReimanAdams CentralFlute/Piccolo
AnnaBerggrenBlair High SchoolFlute/Piccolo
AnnaVaughnBlair High SchoolFlute/Piccolo
AlishaHuynhScottsbluff High SchoolFlute/Piccolo
AnnaJohnsonHastings High SchoolFlute/Piccolo
EmilyBlockHastings High SchoolFlute/Piccolo
EmilyDonnellAurora High SchoolFlute/Piccolo
ConnorMcFaydenPlatteview High SchoolHorn
AmandaHansenFort Calhoun High SchoolHorn
SariahGrantAlliance High SchoolHorn
SabrinaHoustonPlatteview High SchoolHorn
TaviaBruxellasFalls City High SchoolHorn
CadenPearsonFriend Public SchoolsPercussion
ColeKovarikKearney High SchoolPercussion
SamuelRosenauBlair High SchoolPercussion
AnnaNiemothLouisville High SchoolPercussion
EmmaTroshynskiKearney High SchoolPercussion
TessaStevensFort Calhoun High SchoolPercussion
EmmaleeBielenberg*Millard South High SchoolPercussion
BradyPorter*Southwest Public SchoolsPercussion
LindseyLaBrieHastings High SchoolTenor Saxophone
BriannaRiceNorris High SchoolTenor Saxophone
MegLashier*Blair High SchoolTenor Saxophone
MoriahChandler*Kearney High SchoolTenor Saxophone
SpencerBanisterPapillion La Vista South High SchoolTrombone
UriahMataScottsbluff High SchoolTrombone
RustinHaaseBlair High SchoolTrombone
AndrewKemnitzHastings High SchoolTrombone
MeyerRyanPlatteview High SchoolTrombone
NateIversonMillard South High SchoolTrumpet
EmilyGreenAlliance High SchoolTrumpet
BrysonPavlikBlair High SchoolTrumpet
KimberlyShriverMillard South High SchoolTrumpet
ColtonStonerBlair High SchoolTrumpet
MadalyneEppersonBlair High SchoolTrumpet
JamesFrazerBlair High SchoolTrumpet
ChloeMartinBlair High SchoolTrumpet
NicoleMunroe*Lincoln East High SchoolTrumpet
IsaacAufrecht*North Platte High SchoolTrumpet
CooperBuchhamerScottsbluff High SchoolTuba
AlexPorterSouthwest Public SchoolsTuba
ChristopherLopezFort Calhoun High SchoolTuba
BradenHawleyPlatteview High SchoolTuba
MatthewCurranPlatteview High SchoolTuba

* = Alternate

Students selected for the 2016 Hastings College Honor Choir

First NameLast NameHigh SchoolVoice Part
TehaCabralScottsbluff High SchoolSoprano 1
MakenzieCarsonHastings High SchoolSoprano 1
CiaraFigginsAdams Central High SchoolSoprano 1
MarillaFlynnNebraska ChristianSoprano 1
JazlynGarzaAlliance High SchoolSoprano 1
HaileyHansenFort Calhoun High SchoolSoprano 1
GraceHeldridgeDuchesne AcademySoprano 1
ShandaJohnsonJulesburg High SchoolSoprano 1
KateLaceyBlair High SchoolSoprano 1
ChantelleSchulzMcCool Junction PublicSoprano 1
AndreaThompsonKearney High SchoolSoprano 1
EllieBrownSouthwest public schoolsSoprano 2
ZoéDravitzkiCross County Community SchoolSoprano 2
AnnieGrealishHastings High SchoolSoprano 2
MikaelaJanisScottsbluff High SchoolSoprano 2
JoyKargesBroken Bow High SchoolSoprano 2
EmilyMarsdenPlatteview High SchoolSoprano 2
JacquelinePetersenDuchesne AcdemySoprano 2
JosephinePtacekPlattsmouth High SchoolSoprano 2
MariaRodriguezGibbon High SchoolSoprano 2
AlexandriaSundersAdams Central High SchoolSoprano 2
CharlotteTvrdyWaverly High SchoolSoprano 2
McKenzieVincentPlatteview High SchoolSoprano 2
AysiaWebbFremont High SchoolSoprano 2
LibertyAllanGibbon High SchoolAlto 1
CourtneyAndersonAdams Central High SchoolAlto 1
HannahCanadyPlatteview High SchoolAlto 1
CynthiaClarkScottsbluff High SchoolAlto 1
ChaseCogginsOgallala High SchoolAlto 1
ElizaDonleyAdams Central High SchoolAlto 1
DaniDrossFort Calhoun High SchoolAlto 1
MayleeGarciaOgallala High SchoolAlto 1
MaceyGyhraPawnee City SchoolsAlto 1
LindiJohnsonMcCook High SchoolAlto 1
MorganMortimerRiversideAlto 1
TrevaNielsonCross County Community SchoolAlto 1
Ana KarenRodriguezSchuyler Central High SchoolAlto 1
EmmaThomasBlair High SchoolAlto 1
ShelbyTourneyShelton High SchoolAlto 1
HopeWilkeNorth Platte High SchoolAlto 1
BrookeBrewerBlair High SchoolAlto 2
KamiBumgardnerBlue Hill High SchoolAlto 2
HaileyDunnWaverly High SchoolAlto 2
MariahGlynnPlattsmouth High SchoolAlto 2
SarahGraffFremont High SchoolAlto 2
ThaliaHinojosaAlliance High SchoolAlto 2
CelieKnudsenOgallala High SchoolAlto 2
SarahKochBlair High SchoolAlto 2
RebeccaRoseAdams Central High SchoolAlto 2
ChristianBartlingNorth Platte High SchoolTenor 1
MarkDeLeonScottsbluff High SchoolTenor 1
TimothyEllisHarvest Time Christian AcademyTenor 1
ChrisHansenFort Calhoun High SchoolTenor 1
BenKeyesPlatteview High SchoolTenor 1
ChristianLichtiShickley Public SchoolTenor 1
MasonMulkeyBellevue East High SchoolTenor 1
DerrickNelsonHastings High SchoolTenor 1
AustinPetersenScottsbluff High SchoolTenor 1
LucasPowellPlattsmouth High SchoolTenor 1
LucasSchiermannFremont High SchoolTenor 1
ChristianStacyMcCool Junction PublicTenor 1
ScottStrigenzPlatteview High SchoolTenor 1
CaleArentElmwood MurdockTenor 2
BradyConantAdams Central High SchoolTenor 2
JoseCoronaSchuyler Central High SchoolTenor 2
TravisGrafe-ClineWeeping Water Public SchoolTenor 2
SethKobsBlair High SchoolTenor 2
JannikLoehdenHastings High SchoolTenor 2
LukeReestmanBellevue East High SchoolTenor 2
CaseyScottPlattsmouth High SchoolTenor 2
ColeTessendorfLakeview High SchoolTenor 2
JoeVan WinkleCreek Valley High SchoolTenor 2
LandonWrightAdams Central High SchoolTenor 2
TylerGarderBlair High SchoolBass 1
NelsonJettSt. Patricks High SchoolBass 1
CollinMaagScottsbluff High SchoolBass 1
JacksonMaschmanWaverly High SchoolBass 1
NolanRandallPlattsmouth High SchoolBass 1
JoshuaSchmidtBellevue East High SchoolBass 1
BenSwansonFremont High SchoolBass 1
JakubVanWestenMeridian High SchoolBass 1
JoshuaVoogdPlattsmouth High SchoolBass 1
MaximusWohlerNorth Platte High SchoolBass 1
NoahAndersenFremont High SchoolBass 2
ChristopherAndersonGibbon High SchoolBass 2
NolynAppelFort Calhoun High SchoolBass 2
KeithEverittCreek Valley High SchoolBass 2
TrevorFellbaumBellevue East High SchoolBass 2
IsaiahKluverElmwood MurdockBass 2
NicholasLindbladAdams Central High SchoolBass 2
ZackLongSouthern ValleyBass 2
JosiahPhilsonElmwood MurdockBass 2


Students selected for the 2016 Hastings College Honor Orchestra

First NameLast NameHigh SchoolInstrument/Part
MadisonBeattyKearney High SchoolViolin 1
EmmaHunnicuttKearney High SchoolViolin 1
RyanJhiKearney High SchoolViolin 1
MeeraNairBrownell-TalbotViolin 1
MeganDarveauKearney High SchoolViolin 2
MonaJavidiKearney High SchoolViolin 2
VeronicaMejiaKearney High SchoolViolin 2
NirvanaMendozaNorth Platte High SchoolViolin 2
SaylorPershingHastings High SchoolViolin 2
IsaacAufrechtNorth Platte High SchoolViola
ErynnDahlkeKearney High SchoolViola
ConnerGarrisonKearney High SchoolViola
VictoriaHartleySpringfield-Platteview High SchoolViola
MeganFalconerKearney High SchoolCello
CollinJenkinsKearney High SchoolCello
AnnikaNovotnyLincoln High SchoolCello
IsabelleVargasBlair High SchoolCello
RachelWittHastings High SchoolCello
JonahBennettKearney High SchoolBass

Note: Orchestra chair placement will be determined upon arrival.


Founded in 1882, Hastings College is a private, four-year institution located in Hastings, Nebraska, that focuses on academic and extracurricular achievement. With 64 majors and 15 pre-professional programs, Hastings College has been named among “Great Schools, Great Prices” by U.S. News & World Report, a “Best in the Midwest” by The Princeton Review and a "Best Bang for the Buck" school by Washington Monthly.

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