Hastings College announces endowed professorships, lectureship

At the beginning of the 2023-24 academic year, Hastings College announced faculty who have been appointed to its Endowed Professorships and Lectureship.

Endowed professorships and lectureship are established through the Hastings College Foundation by Hastings College alumni and friends who wish to make a significant, long-lasting impact on academics at Hastings College.

Individuals who would like to make a contribution or support an endowed faculty position are encouraged to contact the Hastings College Foundation at 402.462.7363 or alumni@hastings.edu.

Appointments are for two years, and faculty appointed this year include:

  • Dr. Brian Corr, associate professor of visual arts, was appointed the Morton and Ella Steinhart Endowed Professorship in Art.
  • Dr. Jessica Henry, professor of communication studies, was appointed the Lawrence and Jeannette James Distinguished Professorship in Communication Arts.
  • Dave Carpenter, professor of business and economics, was appointed the Edgar and Frances Reynolds Distinguished Lectureship in Business and Economics.
  • Dr. Robert Babcock, professor of history, was appointed the Dorothy Weyer Creigh Distinguished Professorship in History.
  • Dr. Amanda Solem, associate professor of biology, was appointed the Waldean C. McIntire Distinguished Professorship in Biological Sciences.
  • Dr. Bobbi Buchholz, professor of mathematics, was appointed the Elvena and Hattie Holling Distinguished Professorship in Math and Science.
  • Dr. Moses Dogbevia, professor of chemistry, was appointed the Richard B. and Dorothy K. Tickler Distinguished Professorship in Science.
  • Dr. Robert Amyot, associate professor of political science, was appointed the Dr. Neil and Enola McDonald Distinguished Professor of Political Science.
  • Dr. Jonathan Sokasits, professor of music, was appointed the Dr. Byron Jensen Distinguished Professorship in Music.

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