Bronco Forensics offers strong performances at Battle for the Capital

On February 28-March1, 2015, the Hastings College Bronco Forensics team competed in Omaha, Nebraska, at the Battle for the Capital. On the first day, the Broncos finished third while finishing second on the tournament’s second day.

2015 Battle for the Capital

Saturday, February 28:

Sierra Walker, a senior from Gering, Nebraska: 2nd place, Duo Interpretation with Henk

Tommy Hendrix, a junior from Omaha, Nebraska: 3rd place, Program Oral Interpretation

Corbin Henk, a junior from Doniphan, Nebraska: 2nd place, Duo Interpretation with Walker

Mandie Cox, a sophomore from Blue Hill, Nebraska: 5th place, Poetry Interpretation

Michaela Wright, a sophomore from Colorado Springs, Colorado: 7th place, Persuasion

Micala Burns, a freshman from Bloomington, Minnesota: 3rd place, Dramatic Interpretation; 2nd place, Poetry Interpretation

Aika Hughes, a freshman from Itoshima-shi, Fukuoka, Japan/York, Nebraska: 7th place, Poetry Interpretation — This was her first collegiate final.


Sunday, March 1:

Walker: 2nd place, Duo Interpretation with Henk

Hendrix: 1st place, Program Oral Interpretation

Henk: 2nd place, Duo Interpretation with Walker; 3rd place, Communication Analysis; 5th place, Impromptu Speaking

Cox: 4th place, Poetry Interpretation

Wright: 5th place, Persuasion; 5th place, Dramatic Interpretation

Burns: 2nd place, Dramatic Interpretation; 7th place, Poetry Interpretation

Hughes: 8th place, Poetry Interpretation  

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