Mobile: 402.469.0988

Counselor Region:
Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska

Lacey Gawrych

Admissions Counselor

Phone: 402.461.7432

Why I chose to attend Hastings College:

I chose HC because I wanted to feel valued as a student while still getting a great education. I had no doubt I’d enjoy my time as a student and leave with a degree that would open the door to many amazing opportunities. The beautiful campus helped seal the deal!

Hobbies and Interests:

I love being an aunt, cats, crafting, DIY home projects, movies, plants, shopping and traveling.

Favorite thing about Hastings College:

My favorite thing about Hastings College is the culture. Everyone is welcome and valued, and you’re always treated with kindness.

Favorite place on campus:

The French Chapel is so beautiful, it’s where I chose to get married!

Most memorable class:

Spanish Film Class. I got to watch movies during class but still learned a ton of Spanish. It was the best of both worlds.

Favorite thing to do in Hastings:

You can find my husband and I taking walks through Hastings, catching a movie at the Rivoli, playing mini-golf at the YMCA, bowling at Pastime Lanes, or visiting the Hastings Museum.

Favorite place to eat in Hastings:

It’s a tie – Big Dally’s Deli never disappoints and I’ve been getting La Prima at El Puerto for over 10 years. I’m always on board for Eileen’s Cookies for dessert!

Best thing about being a Bronco:

The sense of community. You’ll find HC alum everywhere – even in places you wouldn’t expect it! (like on vacation in Jamaica!)

Hidden talent:

Finding treasures at thrift stores.

Best meal that I can cook:

Chicken salsa casserole, yum!