The Endowment

Endowed funds play a crucial role in the long-term sustainability and success of Hastings College. Charitable donations made to the endowment maintain their principal balance, which is held in perpetuity, with only a portion of the interest earned being expended annually.

If you have questions about endowed funds or would like to establish an endowed scholarship, contact the Hastings College Foundation at 402.461.7363 or

Hastings College Foundation maintains two types of endowed funds, Endowed Scholarships and Endowed Chairs and Professorships.

Endowed Scholarships

By establishing an endowed scholarship, you change the lives of students, many of whom could not afford to attend Hastings College without your support. Your gifts secure a source of financial aid in perpetuity while providing an opportunity for you to recognize a loved one, a favorite professor, or your own legacy at Hastings College through the naming of the scholarship.

An endowed scholarship is operational when the balance reaches $20,000.

Endowed Chairs and Professorships

Endowed funds enable Hastings College to recruit, retain, and recognize distinguished classroom teachers—the kinds of professors who inspire generations of undergraduates. Only nine of the College’s more than 80 full-time faculty positions are supported, in part, through named endowments. Opportunities exist for you to recognize master teachers in any academic area.

An endowed professorship is established with a contribution of $500,000, or an endowed chair with a contribution of $1.25 million.

Current Endowed Chairs and Professorships include:

  • Dr. Byron Jensen Distinguished Professorship in Music — Dr. Jonathan Sokasits
  • Morton and Ella Steinhart Distinguished Professorship in Art — Dr. Brian Corr
  • Lawrence and Jeannette James Distinguished Professorship in Communication Arts, Business and Economics — Dr. Jessica Henry
  • Edgar and Frances Reynolds Distinguished Lectureship in Communications Arts, Business and Economics — Dr. Dave Carpenter
  • Dorothy Weyer Creigh Distinguished Professorship in History — Dr. Robert Babcock
  • Waldean C. McIntire Distinguished Professorship in Biological Sciences — Dr. Amanda Solem
  • Elvena and Hattie Holling Distinguished Professorship in Math and Science — Dr. Bobbi Buchholz
  • Richard B. and Dorothy K. Tickler Distinguished Professorship in Science – Dr. Moses Dogbevia
  • Dr. Neil and Enola McDonald Distinguished Professorship in Political Science — Dr. Robert Amyot

Other Areas

Nearly any academic program, co-curricular activity, campus facility, or equipment need can be supported through an endowed gift. Your gift to endowment could support:

  • Student/Faculty Research and Training
  • Library Acquisitions
  • Faculty Development and Travel
  • Teaching and Science Technologies
  • Athletic Weight Room
  • Guest Speakers and Artists
  • Group Travel (athletic and non-athletic)
  • Irish Fellows
  • Service-Learning and Supplies
  • Academic or Extra Curricular Equipment

An endowed fund is fully funded when the balance reaches $20,000.