Hastings College Summer Research Grant Program

The Hastings College Summer Research Program expands opportunities for students and faculty to thrive as well as help grow the College’s academic reputation. In its inaugural year, the program has already yielded papers accepted by national organizations for publication or presentation. Gifts to the Summer Research Program help continue these opportunities.

Impact for Students
In a research setting with a faculty mentor, students grow their analytical, communication, and professional skills.

Impact for Faculty
Through the Summer Research Program, faculty get access to the resources for the expertise-expanding research.

Impact for Hastings College
The program helps grow Hastings College’s academic reputation as well as our capacity to recruit and retain high-achieving students and faculty.

Impact YOU can Make
Your gift to the Summer Research Program at Hastings College will support grants for the 2023-2024 academic year. Our goal is to raise at least $10,000 this spring above the $10,000 gift already secured. Additional funds raised will serve as the basis for sustaining the program for the future.

About the Summer Research Program

Hastings College faculty compete for grants of up to $5,000 to conduct research. Special consideration is given to those projects which involve Hastings College students assisting with the research. In the academic year following the summer research, faculty and students must present their findings to campus.

Giving Honor Roll

Colleen & George Adam

Alan ’72 & Mary Kay Anderson

George & Josie Anderson

Kendra Bargen ’04

Dennis ’71 & Wanda Bauder

Jeniffer & Brad Beahm

Jill & John Beyke

Amy (Quist) & Joe Black ’90/’97

John Bohmfalk

Nancy & Mark Bosle

Claire & Blake Bostelman

Karen & Pat Boyd

Jodeen (Fox) ’74 & Dana Bradfield

Barbara Butler ’69

Kristin (Saathoff) ’04 & Clarence Charles

Aris Jo Davis ’76

Kim & Tom Dinsdale

Cheryl Dix ’77

Billy Dunbar ’10

Louie ’06 & Kristen Eckhardt

Donovan Foote ’57

Lynne Friedewald & Chuck Shoemaker

Jane Foote

Friends of Hastings College

Lacey (Lurz) ’18 & Eric Gawrych

Charleen Gleason

Roger & Lucinda Glen

Kittie Grace ’00 & Brian Hoffman

Dean & Karen (Munroe) ’66 Hawthorne

Jessica Henry

Sherrie (Mace) ’85 & Doug Hollister

Paul & Rhe Holm

Don Jackson ’70 & Beverlee Nelson

Sonja (Swanek) & John Jacobsen ’74/’73

Linda (Metzger) & Richard Johnson ’79/’77

Camille & Adam Kastl

Ronnett (McKenney) & Rod Kitten ’90/89

Sara Kluver & Jeff Klug ’10/’10

Jackie (Carl) Koepke ‘88

Kristina and Ben Kohler

Robin ’76 & Ann Koozer

Chelsea LeMar ’07

Courtney Luebben

Monte ’77 & Karla Malouf

Lisa (Kulek) ’94 & Patrick Markle

Ann (Zook) & Mac Martin ’77/’74

Dale & Jerelyn Musgrave ’88/’88

Alicia O’Donnell ’96

Eunice (Hoesch) O’Donnell ’47

Kristin (Baumann) &Patrick O’Donnell ’02/’01

Mary Lainson Olsen ‘69 & Jorn Olsen

Eric Tucker & Trish Oman

Ryan (Dinneen) ’01 & Sean O’Neil

Tim & Susan Overmiller

Rhonda Pauley ’87

Doug & Deb (Glenn) Rasby ’74/’77

Tiffanie (Howell) ’95 & Jack Richter

Kass & Barry Rempp

Glenda & Roland Saathoff

Hauli (Smedra) & Bill Sabatka ’96/’91

Anna (Govier) & Colin Sandall ’09/’07

Amy Sandeen

Cheryl (Campbell) ’66 & Roger Schukei

Cathy (Gartner) Shueey ’87

Charlotte Smyth ’76

Scott Sterling

Ross & Melissa (Ninemire) Struss ’13/’14

Corey ’94 & Jeannette Stull

Sara Tall ’11

Mike ’74 & Kris Trader

Annette Vargas & Brad Davis ’16

Justin & Kili Wenburg

Donna & Don Willnerd

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Our goal is $10,000.

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