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Bring your passport.

Studying abroad is transformational. It’s the kind of experience that’ll help you grow. It’ll change your perspective. And it’ll make you excited about learning.

We’ll cover the costs.

That’s right. This study abroad opportunity is included. No gimmicks here. We’re making it happen thanks to the financial commitment of donors who love Hastings College and share this belief.

We’re preparing future leaders.

And we’re preparing you for life after Hastings College.

Join us.

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Put tech to work. 

You’ve grown up in a world with the internet and information at your fingertips. So in keeping with the digital era, we’ll put some powerful tools in your hand that’ll help you engage more deeply.

Partnership with (i)Power.

We’ve partnered with Apple to provide every Hastings College student an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil — at no additional cost. We’ll even load it with a curated set of apps that support learning in and out of the classroom, and help you collaborate at will.

Why Apple Pencil?

Research supports that writing down ideas and drawing (doodle that!) supports active learning in ways that typing doesn’t. Combined with an iPad Pro and powerful apps, it makes digital paper and even digital lab books a reality.

Books included!

Hearing about the high cost of textbooks? No more! We’re providing all required books as part of tuition, with most being ebooks synched right to your iPad Pro. This will save you $4,000 — or more — over the course of four years!

Your digital life.

Presentations. Slide shows. Videos. Notes. You’ll be a Jedi Master of mobile and digital learning — setting you up for success as you’ll leverage digital technology and mobile work throughout your career.

Faculty received their iPad Pros and Apple Pencils last spring, and we’ve installed Apple TVs in every classroom. We’re ready for you. 

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Take {just} two.

What if you only took a class or two at a time? Could you focus more intently on each class? Could you dive in, absorb information and have a better learning experience. Yes, absolutely!

Building blocks.

To make this happen, we’re dividing the semester into blocks. A two-week block, and two seven-week blocks. So you’ll take fewer classes at a time — but there’s more.

More time for you.

You’ll meet with professors every day, and you’ll have more time to learn and grow together. And one of the best things? Professors will only teach one or two classes at a time, so they’ll work with fewer students at a time and be more available to support you.

Master your strengths.

At Hastings College, every student takes Gallop’s CliftonStrengths during their first few weeks on campus. With multiple Gallup-Certified Strengths Coaches, we’ve built a culture designed to help you discover and build off what makes you exceptional.

Your path, your way.

Launching your first year with CliftonStrengths is a perfect way to find a path that works for you — and just the first of four years of incredible learning opportunities at a school that’s reimagined everything college should be.

Welcome to Hastings College.

Welcome to Nebraska’s Premier Private College.


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