The Hastings College Mission

Drawing inspiration from our Great Plains home, our Presbyterian heritage and our Liberal Arts history, Hastings College will graduate creative, curious and caring students equipped through exceptional teaching and deliberate mentoring to thrive as citizens of their local and global communities.

Hastings Habits

Radical Hospitality 

We don’t Just say hello but instead WELCOME you in an authentic spirit of service and support to others.

Active Citizenship

We commit to making this place — our Hastings, our state, our world — better through our individual and collective actions, and that to do this well we must listen as much as we must do.

Care of All Things

Our abundance of time, talents, treasure and people — is a gift to shepherd so that we may change lives.

Civil Candor

Honesty with humility, candor without intentional hurt — we communicate directly knowing that in seeking truth, we seek a shared good

A Creative Spirit

We value the worth of ideas and only from scrutiny and debate can we create what comes next.