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Alumni Success Stories

Stories about and for Hastings College alumni
Hastings College graduate Gary Staab combined biology and art classes to pursue his unique career as a paleoartist. ...Read more

“I struggle to describe what it was like cheering at my first game—the crowd is absolutely thunderous and the energy at Sport Authority Field is electric,” said new Denver Broncos Cheerleader Jozie LaViolette, a 2013 Hastings College graduate.

After spending time at her dying grandfather’s bedside, Morgan Savage, a 2006 Hastings College graduate, decided to enter the field of nursing. She saw the ways the nurses impacted his life and wanted to be there when people needed her most.

In July 2015, Dr. Ingrid Bego, Assistant Professor of Political Science at Hastings College, published a new book entitled Gender Equality Policy in the European Union: A Fast Track to Parity for the New Member States. 

Most people view food as something to be eaten. Most people fail to see the justice issues that stem from the food system. Access to food is a complex.

Lauren Slaughter graduated from Hastings College in 2012. With a degree in Political Science and Sociology, she has worked for the Maryland Living Center in Hastings, Teach for America and is currently a case manager at Central Community College.

After a successful experience at Hastings College, April Christensen '12 is pursuing her Masters at Duke University.

Colin Sandall fulfilled his dream of writing a musical and giving back to Hastings College. His work, Coffee Shop, was produced at HC.

Kallan Picha is a Hastings College alumna working in academia to connect students with opportunities overseas.

Chris Dobbins had great mentors at Hastings College among faculty who personally invested in his academic success.

Three alumni from the Hastings College Chemistry Department are pursuing graduate degrees at the University of Wyoming.


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