Stewart transfers to Hastings, appreciates close-knit campus, challenging classes

Anna Stewart dreaded going to classes at her first university in Oregon.

Anna Stewart said Hastings College allows her to excel on the field as a soccer player and in the classroom.Now, the Milwaukee, Ore.-native, who first heard about Hastings College from a former high school coach, has found her groove halfway across the country.

“My classes at Hastings College are challenging and engaging,” she said. “I actually enjoy going to class every day, and I know everyone here is trying to help me succeed.”

Why transfer to Hastings?

“I decided to transfer because Hastings College has a great education program, a close-knit campus environment, and a soccer team that would allow me to excel not only on the field, but in the classroom as well,” Anna said.

Her transition to an an Math Education Major unfolded smoothly as admissions staff, faculty members and coaches checked in frequently to help her adjust to being far from home.

Starting at a new college during the second semester isn’t always easy, but a Super Bowl Party in Babcock Residence Hall helped her meet her new classmates.

“I’ve made some great friends and met some awesome faculty members,” said Anna. “I do miss home on occasion, but everyone at Hastings is so welcoming I never questioned if I had made the right decision. Hastings is the perfect environment for me to make new friends and create my own family.”

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