Hastings College counseling services move online to continue supporting students

With the transition to online classes for the final block of the spring semester, Hastings College wanted to maintain as many services for students as it could — including counseling services, which moved online this week using a secure video conferencing service.

Hastings College counselors Taylor Kindig and Jon Loetterle are conducting online counseling sessions through the HIPAA-approved video conferencing software, Doxy.

In addition to regular challenges students face, additional stressors and so many changes in their lives and news from the world, make it important to continue to be there for students.

Kindig and Loetterle said they believe it is essential to continue counseling services for the fundamental health and wellness of students — and by utilizing video services, students can talk with a counselor they already know and are comfortable with.

The accessibility of counseling services online has been met with positive reactions.

“We wanted to continue the outstanding service that our students deserve. So far, being online has been the best alternative, and students are appreciative of our efforts,” said Loetterle.

All students have access to a device that lets them complete a session thanks to the Hastings College initiative of giving every student an iPad Pro this year.

When students schedule an appointment, they are sent a confirmation email with the time of the session and a link to use. When it is time for the session to begin, students must only click the link, enter their name, and Kindig or Loetterle will answer.

In addition to counseling services, the academic support via video conferencing remains available through Studio 200, and the campus nurse remains available via telephone.

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