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TimeWarp at Hastings College

TimeWarp is a week-long summer simulation experience for current high school sophomores and juniors interested in history, culture, politics and diplomacy. Held on the campus of Hastings College, the experience is created and managed by faculty and students in departments of History and Political Science.

It’s 1945. The end of World War II is in sight. The Allied powers gather in Yalta to reorganize post-war Europe — and debate the creation of the United Nations. Will they succeed? Will this unknowingly be the event that kicks off the Cold War?

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Welcome to TimeWarp: 1945!

Jump back in time as the United States, USSR and United Kingdom negotiate the new world order at the end of World War II! For the past three years, these nations have joined together in a grand coalition against Nazi Germany, but with victory on the horizon, cracks in their agreement have begun to appear…

The Yalta Conference is the Allies’ last hope for compromise.

Your task: As a member of the U.S., British or Soviet delegation, you’ll travel to Yalta (conveniently relocated to Hastings College campus) and help draft The Final Protocol — a document that will help decide the fate of the world.

Through diplomacy, debate and negotiation — and maybe even some espionage and conspiracy — you and your allies will do your best to decide on objectives and make agreements about the way the world will function after the end of the war, while ensuring that your delegation’s objectives are honored.

If you can’t do this, allies may become enemies, extending the war and causing even more loss of life.

TimeWarp is Sunday, June 11 through Saturday, June 17, 2023 on the Hastings College campus.

To apply, follow the link below. The deadline to apply has passed.

The application is closed.

What you can expect

Students who apply and are accepted into the summer 2023 experience can expect a week full of research, negotiations, impassioned speechmaking, backroom deals and mapmaking.

You’ll also do some serious role-playing while learning about British, Russian and American cuisine, social graces, games, language and history. And on Friday night, we’ll wrap up the week with a grand state dinner to (hopefully!) celebrate the final agreement. Bring nice clothes to wear to the state dinner if you can – it’ll add a nice touch for a celebratory photo.

Students admitted into the program will be expected to participate fully in the conference simulation, but will also have the opportunities for cultural, historical and gastronomic exploration as the teams share afternoon tea, a borscht-making session, team building activities, field trips, a chance to work in a Victory garden and the grand State Dinner – and some other incredible surprises along the way!

Selected students should arrive at 5:00 pm on Sunday, June 11 to settle in and be briefed on their delegation and role. The experience ends on Saturday morning, June 17, with all students checked out of rooms by 11:00 am.

Who are we looking for?

We’re looking for current high school sophomore and juniors who:

  • Have a high level of interest in
    • History
    • Culture
    • Politics
    • Diplomacy
  • Are considering studying history or political science (major or minor) in college
  • Demonstrate good academic standing GPA

Fees and Scholarships

The cost for TimeWarp: 1945 is $500, which is paid after acceptance into the program.

A limited number of partial scholarships are available for those who meet free/reduced school lunch criteria.

What’s included with TimeWarp

  • Lodging in Hastings College residence halls
  • Instruction and supplies
  • Meals and entertainment


If you have questions about TimeWarp, contact political science professor Dr. Bob Amyot at 402.471.7323 or ramyot@hastings.edu.

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